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Work in Russia: The years you spend studying abroad will be your struggling years. Adjusting to a new environment, keeping up with your academic requirements, meeting attendance criteria, and managing your living expenses are part and parcel of studying abroad. But all this struggle and hard work will pay off a much greater reward in your professional career and personality growth. No wonder, why recruiters prefer hiring graduates who have studied abroad. Russia is an affordable country in terms of tuition fees despite high standards of education quality, but managing the living expenses will not be easy there.

Work in Russia Details

You will have to do a part-time job to earn some extra amount for supporting your expenditure and enjoying your time abroad to the fullest. Besides, supporting your expenditure, part-time jobs are the best way to acquire working agility, develop a habit of hard work, be responsible, and prepare yourself for entering the professional field after completion of your education.

How to Get a Work Permit for Part-Time Jobs in Russia

Doing a part-time job in Russia is allowed after attaining a work permit and only if you are enrolled in a full-time study program at an accredited institute in Russia.

Terms and Conditions Applied to International Students for Doing Part-Time Jobs:

-The student can do the part-time jobs only according to that profession that is allowed in their work permit. They can work only in the region or city of Russia where their university is located. The work permit will be granted for one-year duration and will be valid until your student visa is valid.
-If the students change their job under the current permit’s duration, their permit remains valid for the other job also but they have to notify the General Administration for Migration about it.

Procedure to Get Part-Time Work Permit in Russia:

You will visit the regional office of the General Administration for Migration where your university is located in Russia. The regional office has the authority to issue work permits to international students. You will be asked to submit the following documents there:

-Application form of work permit
-Your Passport
-Migration Card
-You will have to pay around 3,500 roubles fee for the issuance of a work permit
-Employment Contract
-Medical Examination Certificate (Confirming that you are not suffering from HIV Aids, any infectious disease nor have drug addiction).
-Confirmation Letter from Your Hosting Russian University (Confirming that you are enrolled in a full-time study program)
-The work permit issuance will take 10 working days.
-If any international student is caught doing the job without a work permit he will be fined 2,000 to 5,000 Roubles and will be deported from the country immediately.

Types of Part-Time Jobs in Russia

As it has been specified the part-time jobs allowed to international students will be according to the profession decided by the immigration department and only in the region of their university’s location. The following part-time jobs are generally allowed to international students in Russia:

University Offered Jobs

There is no requirement for a work permit if you work within the premises of your university as an intern or research and teaching assistant. Usually, Russian universities that offer English-taught courses hire international students for on-campus part-time jobs. The salary will not be as good but still will be enough to help you earn some pocket money. Another benefit of university offered job is that it will add value to your CV. The students who have experience working as a research or teaching assistant have a chance of getting this position much easier. The job is related to preparing lectures and research regarding lectures with the professors and being a mediator between the teachers and students.

Language Tuition

The majority of the population in Russia does not know English much. The students who have command over the English language even they have not come from an English-speaking country will have no problem finding tutoring jobs in Russia. You might be hired by parents for their school-going kids, your fellow Russian class fellows could take your services for teaching them and any individual who wants to hone their language skills. The tutoring jobs are not limited to English Language, native speakers of Italian, Chinese, German and French are also high in demand. This job will pay you per hour $10 to USD 50.


There is no limitation or restriction when it comes to freelancing and online jobs. Freelancing writing for an instant is a common job for international students. The job requires you to do proofreading, research for a thesis, creative articles, or writing for online magazines. A similar thing is for web designers, graphic designers, and web developers, they can do freelancing jobs and earn per project.

Social Media Marketing

Companies hire young and enthusiastic university students for social media marketing because it is a present-day phenomenon and these students are very much part of the customer base. They know better what the youth of today is attracted to; they can strategize and bring a spark to the marketing campaign of the companies with their contemporary taste and choices. The job will involve doing research, bringing up creative marketing ideas, increasing customer base, proofreading content, and advertising on social media. This job can pay you $13 to USD 17 per hour.

Finance Assistant

The finance assistant job is offered to the students enrolled in full-time study programs related to business administration, banking, economics, statistics, mathematics, and MBA. The job will not only train you for your future career but also pay you a good amount. With the virtue of hard work and good performance, you might even get a permanent job position in the same company by the end of your degree. It will be paid internship position in local companies in Russia.

Post Graduation Jobs in Russia for International Students

Post-graduation work opportunities in Russia are not easy to attain. One has to gain an employment contract first, your employer will apply for a work permit on your behalf. You will exit from the country first and get an invitation letter from your employer to work post-graduation in Russia. The work permit will be valid for a one-year duration and renewed after one year until you have a job contract. Except for highly qualified professionals who earn over R1 million monthly are granted 3 years duration work permit for Russia. The part-time work you do during your studying years in Russia can be extremely helpful for securing a permanent job position if you aim to settle in Russia post-graduation. Because the immigration department allows only those part-time jobs to international students that are related to their education that way you not only gain training but also get to have experience in your professional field.

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