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    Work in New Zealand: Working part-time during studies is hard work but it develops management skills and working agility in students. By doing part-time jobs students understand the demands of job markets and gain experience to tackle future challenges besides earning some extra money to support their living expenses while studying abroad. In New Zealand, students over 18 years of age are allowed to work 20 hours a week, whereas the students doing post-graduate programmers in New Zealand can work as many hours as they can. Doing a part-time job is a sort of training and learning experience that practically readies a student to take up challenges and handle stress with expertise.

    Work in New Zealand Details

    New Zealand is one of the most facilitating countries for international students. The international students working part-time or full time have access to employment rights in New Zealand and there are all kinds of jobs available according to their skills and expertise. The minimum wage is set by Government itself which ascertains that no one is paid unjustly. The kinds of part-time jobs available in New Zealand for international students are enlisted below:

    Data Entry Work

    Data Entry Work is a top pick for international students because of the simplest work and flexibility of timings. The salary is $22.54 per hour. You can work from your residence or work in the office if the office timings suit your university’s schedule. Those who are unaware of data entry work can learn this easy skill before traveling to New Zealand. The vacancies for data entry work in New Zealand can be found on online job portals.

    Translator’s Job

    The qualification required for a translator’s job is Bachelors’s Degree and fluency in two languages (English and one other). The salary of a translator in New Zealand is NZ$20.00 per hour. The candidate will be required to translate an English assignment into another language (That could be Chinese, Urdu, German, French, etc). The work should be grammatically correct and perfectly translated without errors. The vacancies for translation jobs can be accessed by posting your CVs on related firms and companies or online job portals.

    Waiter and Waitresses

    Another top pick for international students is the waiter/waitresses job in local restaurants and hotels. The salary of a waiter in New Zealand is NZ$16.08 per hour. Doing the job of a waiter is a great way to know the local culture and enhancement of English language speaking ability. The workings hours are flexible and especially in semester breaks and holidays the students can work full time and earn more.

    Sales Consultant

    The students enrolled in the business management postgraduate program can work as sales consultants and earn per salary of $600 – $1,500 a week. The job involves promoting the sales and purchase of the company’s products and increasing the customer base. The candidate would be required to visit various locations inside and outside the city to sell products and do marketing. The traveling expenses and accommodation expenses for outside of the city trips will be paid by the company itself. It is part-time 20 hours a week work and 40 hours a week for those who are allowed.


    Tutoring schools in New Zealand hire highly qualified and exceptional international students for per hour tutoring English and Math classes. The international student can work after 4 pm for one or two hours per class and get paid $40 to $60 per hour. The classes to be taught would be the primary, middle, secondary, or graduate levels. The applicant should be at least Bachelors’s degree holder and if he/she has a diploma in teaching and learning then it is a plus. Besides working with tutoring schools, international students can find private tutoring jobs and pay accordingly to their parents.

    Warehouse Worker

    Supply chains and companies offer to deliver, pick packing, lifting, and laboring jobs to international students. The salary of a warehouse worker is NZ$17.43 per hour. The job demands candidates to be physically active and efficient in learning skills. It is an entry-level job and training for different types of warehouse work would be provided to candidates after being selected.

    Super Market Attendant

    Supermarket attendants can earn NZ$ 16.68 per hour. The job involves dealing with customers and keeping records of sales and purchases. The working hours are suitable for international students; they can work part-time or full and during weekends according to their classes.

    Kitchen Hand

    The international students can work as kitchen hand workers and earn NZ$16.25 per hour. The job involves, washing dishes, helping with cutting vegetables, food preparation, and mixing ingredients.

    Call Center Representative

    The job of a call center representative is attending inbound and outbound calls, dealing with customers and providing them information, assisting them in the installation or repairing of software, or doing telemarketing for companies. The salary of a call center representative is NZ$18.92 per hour.


    An international student can earn NZ$15.46 per hour by doing the job of a cashier in local cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, and hotels. The job involves keeping balance and dealing with cash on a daily basis.


    Having a skill is always an additional factor that can take you places. Free-lancing jobs are the newest found source of income for job seekers. Online job portals have made it easy for employers and freelancers to approach each other. The students having skills of any kind whether it is photography, graphic designing, web development, web designing, or content writer can work sitting at their home and earn per project. The amount per project is decided between employers and employees and it is justly set according to project and work required.

    Uber Driving

    To be an Uber Driver in New Zealand, a driving license from New Zealand is required. You can earn up to $1500 per week. Uber drivers charge $30 / hour from travelers. It is an extremely suitable working option for international students as they can work in evening timings or after their university classes. It is a reputable occupation and above all, it is not difficult or physically consuming work, or no CV is required apart from a student visa or valid driving license. The navigation system has made knowing addresses and reaching places incredibly simple which makes it easy for “Out of Towners” to do driving jobs.

    Post Graduation Work Visa

    Similar to Australia, New Zealand has made finding employment in New Zealand after completing your education from there very easy. You can avail postgraduate open visa in New Zealand after completing your education from there. The duration of stay granted under this postgraduate visa is based on the qualification you have attained there. The visa is not restricted based on your present employment contract. The students are free to work anywhere unless and until they earn enough income to bear their living expenses while the duration of their stay in New Zealand under a postgraduate visa. They can get experience in their field of work and attain proper employment contracts until the post-graduate visa expires.

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