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    Work in Malaysia: Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education has launched a service (Education Malaysia Global Services “EMGS”) that makes applying for student passes or student visas easier for international students planning to study in Malaysia.

    Work in Malaysia Details

    Although part-time work is not different than a full-time job, the employees have the same responsibilities and duties except for working hours which are fewer. Students undertaking the challenge to do a part-time job while pursuing their degrees and meeting the attendance count of university classes are certainly hardcore beings. Perhaps this phase of difficulty does shape students into highly professional workers and they are always ahead of other students who had not done part-time jobs during their university years. Malaysia is a fast-paced country that has opportunities for everyone including international students. The government of Malaysia has allowed 20 hours a week part-time working permission to international students enrolled in a full-time study program in Malaysia but only during semester breaks.

    Work Permit in Malaysia

    Students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week only during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days; in Restaurants, Petrol Kiosks, Mini Markets, and Hotels as long as the Student Pass remains valid. Students are not permitted to work as a cashier. In addition, in the hotel sector, students are not allowed to work as singers, masseurs, musicians, GRO, and other activities deemed to be considered immoral as per Malaysian law. Application to work part-time must be made through the educational institution in which the student is studying.

    Procedure for Getting Permission for International Students

    -You have a valid Student Pass. You will seek permission to work part-time through your hosting Malaysian institutions
    -You will write an application (supporting letter) to your institution stating you need to work part-time and tell them a valid reason
    -Photocopy of your national passport. You will give details of your address, contact number, email address
    -Offer letter from employer intending to give you a job (the letter should contain your working hours, job type, and salary details)
    -Supporting from the Dean of your hosting Malaysian Institution stating you have been permitted to work part-time
    -Apply for part-time work approval at the Immigration Department of Malaysia
    -The Immigration Department will invite you for an interview regarding your application and will approve or decline
    -If approved by the Immigration department, your passport will be endorsed accordingly
    -The Immigration Department will be forwarded your attendance sheet every three months by your hosting institution to check if your attendance has not been compromised because of working part-time. The students working part-time are also required to show satisfactory academic performance throughout their semesters.
    The Director-General of Immigration Malaysia has the authority to revoke your permission to work part-time if you fail to fulfill academic requirements and attendance requirements
    -The Immigration Department will inform your hosting institution about any change in your working permission

    Part-Time Jobs in Malaysia for Pakistani Students 2022

    Home Tuition: English is widely spoken in Malaysia and it is the medium of instruction in many schools and colleges. Generally, international students have a good command of the English language as they have freshly passed the IELTS or TOEFL test for their admissions and visa which makes them eligible to do the job of a home tutor to teach the English language. A person can earn RM 40per hour for 2 hours of tuition class. Depending on your ability and knowledge of other basic subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Geography you can earn even more. On average by taking two hours of classes a day, a tutor can earn RM 480 per month. This average salary can be higher for those teaching higher secondary school classes and previous experience is always an additional factor for a job in any profession.

    Event Management: Malaysia hosts several international festivals, business meetings, events, and concerts on regular basis. The responsibility of event management includes supervision, decoration, dealing with the guests, food preparations, security, and logistics. Event management jobs are a great way of earning a good amount per event. You can earn RM20 per hour for any kind of event management job in Malaysia. Besides earning a good hourly wage you will have a good time at your job doing work and enjoying the event.

    Food Serving Staff: Taking orders, serving food and drinks, cleaning utensils, and attending to guests at restaurants is the work of food serving staff. There is no working experience, it is an easy job yet needs working agility and management skills and you must be good at stress management. Some customers can be fussy and demanding. A waiter or waitress can earn RM6 per hour in Malaysia. The working hours can be managed according to your preference either in the evening or daytime. During the holiday season, the work in restaurants gets real hectic because of tourists, therefore, you are expected to be quick and good at communicating.

    Freelancing: The world of the internet has given birth to so many freelancing jobs. Freelancing gives a platform to earn a handsome amount to people who have skills and talent. If you are good at graphic designing, web designing, web developing, content writing, and creating writing finding a freelancing job is not difficult. The source of approaching employers is through online job portals or sending your CVs or work samples to the concerned firm with a bid of project cost you want and get a job. On average depending on the difficulty of your project, you can earn RM25 – 50 per hour in Malaysia. You can work from home and according to your time preference. It not only helps you earn a good amount but also adds value to your CV.

    Salesman: You can go door to door for selling products or can be a salesman at mini markets. The job requires convincing skills, conviction, and working diligence. The companies would pay you extra per sale additional than your basic salary. In mini markets, the job of a salesman includes guiding people about the qualities of different products and general information. It will enhance your English speaking skills and communication skills. You can earn RM50 per hour in Malaysia by doing the job of a salesman.

    Photography: For a photography job or freelancing, all you need is to own a DSLR camera and photography skills and it will make you earn RM2,000 to RM5,000 per project I-e weddings, events, birthdays, engagements, and social events. To do a photography job, you must arrange a portfolio of your previous work and show it to a photography agency or clients if you want to do this work independently.

    Assistants in Retail Stores: Retail stores hire students for works that include packing groceries, supervising the staff, logistics, unloading the stock, arranging groceries on different counters, and mopping the floor. The jobs in retail stores are usually available according to your convenience and in different time shifts. By doing the job as an assistant in retail stores you can earn RM10 per hour in Malaysia. This job does not require any previous work experience except than strong work ethic and the capability to stand for a long time.

    Attendants at Cafes: Attendants at cafes have similar jobs as waiters and waitresses. You must have the ability to chat, the conviction to stand for long hours, take orders, serve coffee and maintain a congenial demeanor while working. You can work according to your available time at different shifts. An attendant in a café can earn RM 7 to RM 10 per hour in Malaysia. Although the work of an attendant is tiring and requires focus, it will add fluency to your English speaking.

    The attendant at Petrol Kiosk: The job of an attendant at a petrol kiosk is to pump fuel, check the oil level of cars, clean windscreens, and accept payment. The job does not require any particular training or previous experience. The attendant has to be quick and capable of standing for long hours. The working shifts can be according to your availability. The job is simple and does not require you to have any specific skill. An attendant at a petrol kiosk in Malaysia can earn RM18 per hour.

    Post Graduation Employment Opportunities in Malaysia

    Getting post-graduation job opportunities in Malaysia is possible but difficult. The students who want to do a job after getting graduated from Malaysia must have a sponsor and employment contract. The best way to find a job in Malaysia after getting graduated from there is to get a Visit Pass (Professional) visa which has a validity of 6 to 12 months but in case you are doing a professional training program at industry, universities, colleges, private or public schools, Embassies, Hotels and Companies of Malaysia. For an employment pass in Malaysia, you are required to have an employment contract, a personal bond from the employer as security, a Bank guarantee, and an approval letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia. In the employment contract you find a must-have recommendation letter from relevant agencies in Malaysia which are:

    -Ministry Of Health
    -Ministry Of International Trade And Industries(Miti) / Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (Mida)
    -Ministry Of Agriculture And Agro Base Industry
    -Ministry Of Transport
    -Ministry Of Higher Learning
    -Ministry Of Science, Technology, And Innovation
    -Ministry Of Information, Communication, And Culture
    -Ministry Of Youth And Sports / Malaysian Sports Council
    -Central Bank
    -Security Commission

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