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    Work in China: China is the second-largest economy in the world. The total population in this country is 1.4 billion. The growth of china’s economy has been rapid, while the global economy has slowed down in past years. Because of the global economic growth, the job opportunity in China has increased significantly in the last few years. China is a booming country for its economy, recently china’s education hub booming significantly. The number of international workers and students is growing rapidly, last year 490,000 international students are graduates from china universities. Students from all over the country are getting admission to China universities. Job opportunities are also grown up, has available job opportunities for graduated students. When did a student decide to move to china the common question is, can I work and study in China?

    Work in China

    Job opportunities in china for students are not available. According to the new law, students can work if universities give permission. Part-time jobs in china are not available for international students, an average of 15%-20% of students get part-time jobs.

    Job Opportunity for International Students

    China is a very comfortable and affordable country even for students. The cost of living is quite low compared to other western countries. Major cities of china like Shanghai and the capital Beijing are more expensive, and these are the most popular study abroad destinations. According to the record of 2016, 4.42 lakh foreign students register in china as a student, among them, 11% receive government scholarships.

    Traditionally international students can not work in china when they are studying, and are not able to get a working visa without at least 2 years of post-study work experience. Getting a job in China is not easy for international students, language is one of the problems getting a job in china. International can legally work in china but the procedure is not easy. In 2016 china’s government declared that only Shanghai and Beijing students can take part-time jobs or internships off-campus when they obtain approval from the university, apply for PSB exit-entry administration for a notation on the residence permit showing the part-time job and location and period of internship off-campus. Working can be a great way to build yourself it helps you to enhance your employability.

    Job Opportunity for Graduates in China

    The competition is tough, so find out the field where you can stand out among other candidates in your area of ​​work. If you are native to English, it will make it easy to find jobs. Working in China is a bit difficult while you are a student, after completing your study you can apply for a job. After completing your graduation you need to apply for a work visa known as a ‘Z’ visa with two years of work experience.

    According to the new declaration, foreign graduates with a master’s degree from a well-known university in China are immediately eligible to apply for work visas. When you are applying for a job, the main problem can be language. The official language of China is Chinese. Many companies require candidates to know at least the basics of Chinese. Now the question is, how can I find a job? You can find different agents, but remember that if you are going through an agent they will charge you. The best way to find a job opportunity in China is to network and network.

    The common job for graduate students in china are:

    • Teaching English
    • IT Jobs
    • Engineering / Specialized Technical Skills jobs
    • Marketing/Creative Field jobs
    • English Editor/ Writer/ Journalist
    • Trading company sales manager
    • Accounting and Financial jobs
    • Hotel management jobs
    • Advertising jobs
    • Translator
    • Import/export

    Internship Programs in China

    The most recommended and proffered part-time job type in China is the internship. Gaining experience in the field of your study major will train you professionally, deliver the required knowledge, make you understand the demands of the job market, prepare you to face professional challenges, and above all make your CV ready for getting the job right after completing your degree. Recruiters hire fresh graduates who have done internships in their academic years as they are more knowledgeable and efficient and the firms do not have to train them for work. China is ahead of the game in terms of internship programs for international students. Many Chinese universities have organized on-campus internship programs that not only pay them but also grant certificates at end of the internship program. There is a chance depending on your work ethic and performance you might even get a permanent job position by the end of your internship program. You can find many internship programs being run by the Chinese government and universities, a few of them are enlisted below:

    • International Internships in Hong Kong with The Intern Group
    • Connect-123 Shanghai Internships
    • Global Experiences Internships in Shanghai, China
    • Projects Abroad Internships in China
    • Connect-123 Summer Internships Abroad
    • Find your potential: Internship Abroad at Fortune 500 in China
    • Engineering & Business Internships in China with Mentoring
    • CAPA Shanghai: Study & Intern Abroad
    • Connect-123 Medical And Healthcare Internships
    • CET Shanghai
    • Paid Legal and Law Internship in Renowned Law Firms in China- Go Abroad China

    Pakistani Student’s Work Permit for Part-Time Job in China

    To work part-time the student visa holders of China (X1 visa) had to seek permission from their hosting Chinese institution and the immigration department of China. The procedure to seek permission for part-time work has to be done by following steps:

    • Write an application to your hosting Chinese institution for consent to work part-time
    • You will attach a certificate from your hiring employer/ company with your application
    • Your hosting institution will forward your part-time work approval application to the immigration department and seek their documented official consent
    • Get a consent letter from your hosting Chinese institution
    • Visit the local police station in China nearest to your residence and have your resident permit China marked with ‘Part-Time Work’
    • You will be allowed to work part-time 20 hours a week in China during semesters and during semester breaks you can work full time
    • You cannot change your employer frequently in China for part-time work so make sure the job you have selected for part-time suits your interest and pays you a satisfactory amount.

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