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Work in Austria: Part-time work permission while studying in Austria comes with restrictions and complexity. The students enrolled in Bachelors’s program are allowed to work for 10 hours a week and those enrolled in Masters’s Program can work up to 20 hours a week. Unlike other European countries where the student attains a work permit visa and keeps it as an identity card to get jobs but in Austria work is only allowed if the employers attain a work permit for employing a student. The permit will allow students to work under terms and conditions applied by the employer and working hours will be limited. Either you can work for three months in the holiday’s duration or have marginal working hours. The part-time work conditions set by the government of Austria are set in a restricted manner to ensure that the education of students is not being compromised.

Jobs for Students in Austria

Part-Time Employment Rules in Austria for International Students 2022

However, despite controlled part-time jobs permission in Austria, you can earn up to 800 to 1000 Euros a month. The minimum income is set by the Act Governing Employment of Foreign Nationals according to a student’s age. If you are employed for part-time work or full-time work the employer will have to give you all the employment benefits including paid holidays, protection against unfair and uninformed dismissal from work, and sick leaves.

Getting a Permission for Part-Time Work or Full-Time Job in Austria as a Pakistani Student:

The work permit on the behalf of a student will be applied by the employer itself whether it is permissible to work for a part-time job, full-time job, or freelance job. The employer will place an application at the employment service (Arbeitsmarktservice -AMS) for your work permit. The employer must apply for a work permit at least 6 weeks before you start to work. The employee will be subject to meet minimum income law set by the government and must be according to working type, skill, and qualification. Note: This work permit will remain valid until you keep working for the same employer. For a new job in another company, the new employer will apply for a work permit to give you a job.

Internships Permission as a Student in Austria

The students enrolled in the vocational institute accredited by the Government of Austria do not require a work permit for vocational training or internship. The employer will however have to notify the employment service about the internship of a student two weeks prior to it starts. If you are studying abroad in Austria in a program that has an internship scheduled in the curriculum then you are not bound to avail any work permit. The employment service only needs a notification from the employer. On receiving the notification of internship, the employment service will issue a notification of confirmation allowing you to start it without restriction.

The students also do not need a work permit for a traineeship at an Austrian firm or company which is only intended for learning skills and knowledge regarding any occupation. The employer providing traineeship will also have to notify the employment service for that.

Note: The employers are not allowed to give those job positions to students which have been already booked by employment service for unemployed people registered with them.

Post Graduation Jobs in Austria

A new phase of life starts for international after getting their degrees from Austria. Austria is a Schengen state your post-graduation job opportunities are not limited to Austria. You can find jobs in other countries of Europe as well. A number of well-established multinational companies prefer to hire young and enthusiastic graduates who can offer time and effort to job projects. You can find internship positions and traineeships that will lead to full-time jobs after training. The type of job always depends on a person’s studies major and academic profile.

-Administration Officer
-Project Officer
-Registered Nurse
-Accountancy and Banking
-General Practitioner

Besides finding jobs at companies directly, international students can join graduate career programs aimed at providing industry-based training to students to make them ready to enter job markets with required qualifications. Such programs include FDM’s Graduate Careers Program, Rural Bank Graduate Program, and Allens Careers – Looking for future leaders.

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