Women Deliver Conference 2023

Women Deliver Conference 2023 is one of the most enticing possibilities for individuals of all ages to seize. If you live in a country that promotes non-discrimination and gender equality, you can easily apply for this fantastic opportunity. There will be no limitations on background or geography. People from low- and middle-income nations choose to attend this international conference in Rwanda in 2023. Please keep in mind that it will be the most accessible, inclusive, and diverse conference, taking place in mid-July 2023. Because this forum allows virtual access, you can work from home.

Women Deliver’s fully-funded conference will help individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend. Through this networking, you will be able to exchange ideas with others who share your viewpoints and discover fresh approaches to the socioeconomic difficulties that women face. This conference will serve to build momentum for women’s collective action. This conference aims to establish a stronger and bigger gender equality movement that will inspire good social change by making every leader, government, and concerned individual accountable for their actions.

The fully financed worldwide conference is the brainchild of advocates, individuals, and youngsters from areas confronting institutional and systematic prejudice. This conference will address critical issues such as climate change, gender-based violence, and worker nonpayment. This forum will assist create and execute evidence-based advocacy strategies by empowering community leaders and spokespersons and allowing decision-makers independent ownership. Furthermore, this conference will address empowering the feminist movement, redefining leadership, and making room for people of all genders.

This WD2023 conference for women aims to bring together advocates from national and regional organizations, indigenous people, youth, adolescents, people with disabilities, philanthropists, the corporate and public sectors, and the media. This will be one of the largest conferences on the health and well-being of girls and women ever organized. This will encourage community cohesion in the pursuit of long-term gender equality solutions. The key activities of this famous platform include breaking down barriers, addressing difficulties, and discovering opportunities to generate outcome-oriented goals to help society.

Women Deliver Conference 2023:

Host Organization:

  • Women Deliver (Kigali, Rwanda).

Conference Duration:

  • The duration for WD2023 is from 17th July 2023 to 20th July 2023.

Benefits of the Women Deliver 2023 Conference:

Applicants applying for a Virtual conference will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • All registration fees.
  • Stipend

Applicants applying for an In-person conference will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • All registration fees.
  • Hotel accommodation between 17th July 2023 to 20th July 2023.
  • Economy class airfare.
  • Visa and other related costs.
  • Per diem, which will include ground transportation and daily meals.
  • Health insurance.

Eligibility Criteria of the Women Deliver Conference 2023:

  • No age restriction.
  • No background restriction.
  • Applicants from low- and middle-income countries can apply.
  • Applicants from countries, which are promoting gender equality and non-discrimination of any kind, can apply.
  • Not be a previous scholarship holder.

How to Apply for the Women Deliver Conference 2023:

  • The applicants have to apply online through the official website of Women deliver.
  • You need to carefully read the questions before applying.
  • Make sure to fill up the correct information.
  • After filling up the whole required information, save it.
  • Review the saved information carefully and submit it.
  • Selected candidates will be informed via email by January 2023.
  • Applications should be submitted in English, French, or Spanish.

Selection Criteria for the WD2023:

  • Quality of your answers.
  • Information is provided in the application form.

Women Deliver 2023 Conference Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for WD2023 is October 1st, 2022.


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