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    Visa for Sweden

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    Visa for Sweden: Firstly the applicant has to enroll in a recognized university from which they want to get their education and those applicants will receive a confirmation letter from the university or college for their admission after that they are eligible to apply for a visa from Swedish Embassy or consulate located in their own country.

    The non-natives of Sweden from other countries are required to apply for a student visa and resident permit which depends on the course of study. Those applicants who want to get a student visa for more than 3 months have to apply for a visa at Swedish Consulate for visa as well as a resident permit whereas those who will provide the eligibility course as well as financial will be supported its living in Sweden also.

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    Each year a great number of student visas have entered before the semester of the autumn season so the time taken by the visa decision is long term because the visa is taken by the Swedish Migration. There is a limitation in accepting the application in the semester of June and July.

    Required Documents

    Following is the list of documents that should be submitted at the time of applying for a student visa application are as under.

    -A valid passport or any valid documents with two empty pages valid up to three months after the completion of your stay and has been issued for a duration of the past ten years.
    -Two photographs of passport size not older than six months. Completely signed visa -application form. Receipt of Payment application fees.
    -Medical Certificate: Including Medical Insurance Certificate. Air Ticket to Sweden
    Amount of Money that is enough for your stay while studying in Sweden(this amount varies according to your living style).

    Visa Fee & Processing Time Period

    The visa processing fee is almost 30$ for a single entry and is revised annually. Generally, the applications are decided within fifteen to 15 working days, but due to an unpleasant situation or certain circumstances, it could take up to a month for the final decision to reach the applicant.

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