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    Visa for New Zealand: Students who want to study in New Zealand is supposed to have a visa before coming to this country for a full time longer than 3 months. You can only get a student visa to study in a course at an educational institution, which is registered and approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

    Your student visa will be issued for the length of time your course tuition fees have been paid. If you are studying a long-term course at a secondary school, University, or Polytechnic you will normally pay your tuition fees every year. The student visa must be renewed each year in New Zealand before the expiry date.

    Types Of Student Visas For New Zealand

    New Zealand has designed 5 types of student visas depending on the duration of the study program and course type for international students. The student visa types applicable to you are explained below:

    Fee-paying student visa:

    The students who are enrolled in a full-time study program at an institute that is accredited by New Zealand are applicable for this type of student visa. The visa has a validity of four years depending on your course duration and the holder of this type of visa can work 20 hours a week during semester time and full time during winter or summer holidays and semester breaks.
    Exchange Student Visa: The students enrolled in an accredited institute of New Zealand as exchange students are required to apply for this type of visa. It has a validity of 4 years depending on your course duration and you are allowed to work 20 hours a week during semester time and full time during holidays and semester breaks.

    Pathway Student Visa:

    The students who want to study three separate courses in New Zealand in a row can apply for this type of visa. It has a validity of 5 years depending on the duration of your courses. You can study three different courses in New Zealand on one student visa. The holder of this type of visa can work up to 20 hours per week in semester time and during holidays and semester breaks work for full time.

    Foreign Government Supported Student Visa:

    This type of visa is applicable to those students who have availed of a foreign government-funded scholarship or loan. They will need to provide documented proof of foreign government-funded scholarship and financial aid which will grant them their study and living expenses. The visa has validity till the duration of your study course in New Zealand which can last from three months to 4 years. The students will also be allowed to work 20 hours a week during semester time and full time during semester breaks.

    New Zealand Aid Student Visa:

    The students whose study expenses will be afforded by funding and scholarship programs of New Zealand’s Government are eligible to apply for this type of visa. The visa validity remains intact till your study program ends in New Zealand which can be a maximum of four years programs.

    Required Documents for Visa for New Zealand

    The documents required to be submitted along with the visa application form will be notified to you in form of a list by the Embassy. The list of documents generally required for NewZealand student visa are enlisted as below:

    -Acceptance letter from an accredited institute of New Zealand. You must be enrolled in a course that is approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)
    -Evidence of paid tuition fee in form of receipt (if your study expenses are afforded by foreign government or New Zealand government’s scholarship or financial aid program then the documented evidence of your acceptance for scholarship from authorities)
    -Bank Statement (If the source of your tuition fee and living expenses are not coming from financial aid and scholarship program then you must show you have enough financial resources of at least NZD$15,000 (~US$10,870) for each year of your study program in New Zealand).
    -Proof of Arranged Onward Travel (Evidence of an already paid ticket for the return back to your country after completing your study program in New Zealand. This is also needed as evidence of your intent to return back to your country after completing your study program)
    -Medical Certificate (proving the applicant is not suffering from any diseases that can be a threat to the general public of New Zealand)
    Clearance letter from the police station (evidence of the good character of the applicant. -The letter would state that the applicant has not been registered in any criminal case against him in the local police station)
    -Proof of arranged accommodation for your stay in New Zealand. A Valid National Passport (must be valid till your entire duration of study program or at least a year)
    -English Proficiency Test Certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, CAE or CPA, PTE, MELAB)
    -Two recently taken passport size photographs. Proof of paid visa application fees. Filled and Signed Visa Application Form

    Visa Fee and Processing duration

    The visa processing fee for New Zealand is Approximately NZ$ 250. This fee had to be paid to the Embassy while providing them with the visa application form.

    It will take 25 days approximately to get a study visa in New Zealand. So this is the whole detail about the student visa for studying in New Zealand for Pakistani students.

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