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    Visa for France: France is home to more than twenty of the world’s top 200 universities, ranked as the first tourist destination in the world, and a major contributor to scientific and technological achievements.

    Visa for France Details

    France offers a great multicultural study experience. Its prestigious educational institutes, well-developed cities with a variety of social life, pleasant weather, and beautiful French culture make France ideal for international students. If you are planning to apply for a France Student visa from Pakistan, then you should keep some important tips in mind. (Rad Popular Job Sectors France)

    Visa Type

    Short-stay student visa:

    This type of visa is generally not intended for students who wish to complete years-long degree programs in France. However, those students who are registered in a short course like language course or other short-term programs in France can apply for short-term visas. This type of visa allows simple transit through France, once outside the “international zone” at any airport:: This visa allowed you to stay in France for a maximum period of 90 days. No residential permit is obligatory with this visa. However, this free-of-charge visa could not be renewed. This free-of-charge visa could not be renewed and the student has to return to his home country when the 90 days, approx 3 months of his/her stay are over. Schengen counties citizens are exempted from this visa and they can enjoy visa-free travel. However non-European visitors who want to travel to other Schengen countries in addition to France, for less than 90 days can apply for a Uniform Schengen short-stay visa.

    The “Student Contest” short-stay visa: This short-stay visa is issued to students who visit France for attempting an entrance exam, interview, or competition in France. It is issued to non-European students. It allows you to visit France to pass an entrance exam, competition, or admission interview in a higher education institution. If the exam is qualified and admission is accepted, the student with the “Student Contest” short-stay visa can apply for a student residence permit or long-stay visa without returning to the home country. However, in case of failure, the student will have to leave France as soon as he/she got the disqualifying result.

    Temporary long-stay visa:

    This is a non-renewable visa. It allows the student to stay in France for a period of three to six months. It does not require any residential permit. Students who are in France for completion of a short course within the duration of 3 to 6 months or studying in France on an exchange semester can apply for this temporary visa.

    VLS-TS’ Long-Stay Visa:

    Visa de long séjour etudes: These types of visas are called VLS-TS’ visas. Students who have applied to French Universities to complete their degree programs like bachelor’s, Master’s, or doctoral programs require this category of visa. In this case, students have to stay in France for more than six months. This long-stay visa allows the students to stay in France till their study program is completed. This visa period will cover three years for a bachelor’s program stay, two years for a Master’s degree program, and four year-PhD programs. A long-stay visa itself acts as a residence permit.

    Extended stay research scholar visa:

    The Master’s degree or doctorate program enrolled students who are pursuing research or teaching at French universities can apply for this specific visa category. This is, in fact, an extended stay research scholar visa VLT-TS. A valid hosting agreement from the relevant institution is required to apply for this visa. The stamped agreement defines the student’s assigned work during the stay in France. This stamped agreement is mailed to the respective French consulate of the student’s home country along with a proper visa application VLT-TS.

    Visa Fee:

    The applicants have to pay the amount in dollars for a single entry the amount is 112 dollars or 99€ however this amount is subject to change according to Origen currency exchange rates.

    Visa Processing Time: The processing time of a visa takes around 12-15 days. In case of incomplete or faulty documents, the period might extend.

    Instructions to Enroll in College & University of France:

    There are some ways and rules to apply for enrollment in any university and college which are as under:

    -The applicants have to first complete the application process of College & University by filling out all the forms and required documents should be attached.
    -The applicants have to fill out the application form through the online system by putting the accurate and 100% true information.
    -Mail the physical file of yourself to the university and college in which u want to enroll.
    -Application along with all attached documents, recent photograph, a copy of academic record along with a photocopy of money order paid to the college as admission fee.
    -After sending all these documents and when the University or respective college will view your credentials and then you will be able to receive the “Confirmation Email” from the institute that the file which the applicant has sent has been processed.
    -Now afterward the applicant has to print put the Bank Paid Draft Copy as well as the Confirmation Email. Because these documents are required in French Consulate while applying for the Student Visa.

    How to Apply

    -After receiving the Confirmation Email the applicants are required to apply for the visa and those who have filled out the online application form so will get access automatically to apply for the visa.
    -Applicants have to visit with a set of documents and visa processing fee for the interview before the Consulate. Visa appointments will be done 90 days before the Departure to France.
    -While applying for a visa to study in France following are the important points and steps that have to take with great caution such as.
    -Filling up the complete online admission form. The hard copy of the application form should reach the said address. Applying at the French consulate.

    Documents Required for Visa for France

    The following documents are submitted to the French visa officer to seek a student visa.

    -Completely and accurately filled and signed visa application form.
    -Passport, valid for at least three more months from the tentative date of departure, with at least two blank visa pages
    -Previous passports whether used or not.
    -Two passport or specific sized photos
    -University acceptance Letter
    -Attested Photocopies of transcripts
    -Bank Statement of (approx. 615 EUR per month expenditure) confirming your affordability while staying in France.
    -Airfare ticket with the date of departure
    -Health insurance coverage of EUR 30,000.
    -Accommodation proofs
    -Language Proficiency certification either in English or French
    visa fee receipt

    The visa officer will either accept or reject your visa application. Students can fight back for visa approval if they are rejected for the first time.

    Important Points to Be Noted

    -Remember that the long-stay VLS-TS visa is initially valid for around 3 months. Students need to renew their visa who wants to stay for the entire degree program completion period. Students need a renewal every year.
    -Moreover, students who want to stay in France after completion of their degree program have to apply for a different visa through the immigration office.
    -Students should apply at least 3 months before the beginning of their study course. Students have to wait for a maximum of 60 days to receive the final decision

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