Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Austria 2022

A research-focused summer scholarship in Austria is available through the Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2023. The 10-week summer research program enables gifted and nimble students to conduct life sciences research in one of Europe’s top research institutions under the guidance of the best mentors in the world. The program offers gifted students who are eager for research and development-oriented scientific innovations a dynamic and vibrant scientific environment. In order to provide them with space for development and advancement, the VBC Austria seeks to assemble talented, cunning, and masterminds from all over the world and bring them to the most exciting scientific labs.

The best part of this Vienna summer school in 2023 is that other students will have the chance to travel for free to Europe, where they will be able to work in the best labs in the world and learn how to use the newest technologies. A wide variety of research projects have enriched the Vienna Biocenter. Each fellow will be assigned a faculty member with whom they will work closely and independently as part of the summer student program. The faculty at the Biocenter is renowned for their impressive accomplishments. Kim Nasmyth, for instance, won the Breakthrough Prize in life sciences for his ground-breaking research on chromosome segregation. In a similar vein, Janifer Duanda and Emmanuelle Charpentier were given the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The list is extensive; through this global summer opportunity, bright students will have the chance to study under such widely respected thinkers and figures.

The five top research institutions in Europe have come together to form the Vienna Biocenter. For exceptional undergraduate students, this program offers the chance to begin their practical training at these prestigious research institutions. All of these ongoing research projects at the Biocenter are concerned with the most recent developments in fields like molecular biology, neuroscience, immunology, bioinformatics, RNA, stem cells, and biochemistry. This summer school is fully funded, and all of the practical lab work, lab meetings, and journal clubs are attended by the participants. The participants are enriched with such high models of learning and practicing because the scientists at the lab use all bottom-up approaches to discover the results of the experiments.

Undergraduates learn scientific theory as well as the realities of cutting-edge research infrastructure at this summer research school in Europe. Additionally, by staying in Europe, the program fellows learn about the silk-stitching, liberal, and propertied culture of that continent. The Vienna Biocenter organizes a variety of social events, such as symposiums and referral networks, to encourage student cooperation and teamwork. The fellows are given the chance to socialize in a welcoming setting. The two-day retreat, which the students are organizing outside of Vienna in any hotel, is being welcomed by the PhD students at the Vienna Biocenter in order to make the experience meaningful. The Biocenter summer school for international students comes to a close with a symposium where academics give succinct presentations of their thoughts, findings, and research. At the conclusion of the program, the winners are also given their prizes, which is truly exciting.

Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Austria 2023: 

Host Country:

  • Austria

Host Foundation:

  • Max Birnstiel Foundation supports the Vienna undergraduate research program in Europe.

Summer School Duration:

  • 9 weeks research program

Summer School Dates:

  • The summer program will start on the last Friday of June and will finish on the last Friday of August or August 31 each year. 

No. of Participants:

  • 20 Undergraduate Students

Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2023 Benefits:

  • The students will be fully accommodated.
  • A well-furnished modern room with a shared bathroom and kitchen will be provided.
  • Each participant will be awarded a nine-week stipend of 1400 Euros.
  • Each student will be given a free travel pass for the scholarship period.
  • Medical insurance will be fully covered.
  • All the travel costs to and from Vienna will be reimbursed.
  • Students will enjoy an opening dinner, visits to places in Vienna trip to Heurigen, and final summer school celebrations along with the regular Friday Evening Social Hours.

Eligibility Criteria Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2023 Austria:

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