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    USA Permanent Residence

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    USA Permanent Residence: It is totally reasonable for someone to want to settle down in the United States after finishing their education.

    USA Permanent Residence Details

    There are various ways to do so, each with its own set of laws and restrictions that graduates must follow in order to obtain visas and permanent residence, also known as a green card. To begin, it is prudent to examine the vast range of visas accessible to graduates, as they are used by the majority of graduates to remain in the United States after completing their studies.

    Types Of Visas for USA

    F-1 Visa

    If the graduate intends to pursue any type of practical training, they must get an F-1 student visa, which allows them to stay in the United States for up to one year after completing the course.

    H-3 Visa

    This visa is available to persons who wish to travel to the United States to receive training in a certain field and then return to their home country. This visa is valid for two years and requires a graduate to get training with a respectable US organization with an established training program.

    Visa H-1B

    Certain requirements must be completed in order to receive this visa, which are as follows:

    • The applicant is sponsored by a US employer.
    •  US Bachelor’s Degree
    •  A fair link should exist between the work duties and the applicant’s degree. Furthermore, the experience should be applicable to all of it.
    • Before applying for this type of visa from the Immigration and Naturalization Service, an applicant must additionally receive an acceptable labor condition attestation from the Department of Labor. The goal is to ensure that foreign workers are not exploited by US corporations and that they receive the same privileges and benefits as US citizens.
    • This visa is valid for three years and can be extended for another three years.

    What Exactly Is A Green Card?

    It is a legal document that allows a foreigner to live and work permanently in the United States in any industry or organization. This provides pupils with the opportunity to explore a new world and develop a successful and bright future. The Green Card is normally good for ten years before it can be renewed.

    How Can You Get It?

    The following methods are available for obtaining a green card:

    • Employer Sponsorship: One of the most practical ways to receive a green card is to find an employer who will sponsor it, as there are many companies that give green cards to overseas students. It is, without a question, a complicated process, but finding a job that provides this type of sponsorship is not difficult. All an applicant needs is a skill such as engineering or medical, which is uncommon and difficult to locate in the American job market.
    • Green Card Lottery: Also known as the Diversity Visa Lottery, the Green Card Lottery is a unique and distinct program launched by the US Government that gives nearly 50,000 Green Cards to persons from all over the world. It is regarded as one of the most convenient methods of obtaining the lottery because all that is required is to enter the lottery and wait for the computer-generated results.

    To be eligible for this lottery, an applicant must have a high school diploma or the equivalent, as well as two years of work experience in a specified job, including two years of performance training.

    Permanent Citizenship in the USA

    Once a graduate obtains a Green Card, they will be entitled to apply for US Citizenship for three or five years from the date of earning the Green Card, also known as Permanent Residency. However, there are specific eligibility requirements that must be met in order to obtain citizenship. These are as follows:

    • Must be 18 years old;
    • Must be a US Permanent Resident.
    • The applicant must be physically present in the United States for at least half of the time of eligibility and the application for citizenship.
    • Must be of good character;
    • Must swear an oath of allegiance to the United States;
    • Must complete the residency period as specified by the rules and regulations. As a result, if permanent residency is secured, the candidate may apply to be naturalized in five years.
    • The applicant is needed to dwell in the district where immigration is applied for three months and for six months after the application for naturalization is submitted.

    Permanent Residence Steps

    Step 1: Finish your degree

    This may seem simple, but as an international student, your chances of moving to the United States and obtaining a green card are dependent on your ability to graduate and obtain your degree. It is the first and most important step in getting a job after graduating, especially in a profession connected to your study program.

    Maintaining your student status as an F-1 visa holder is critical for your future chances. You are not permitted to leave the United States for more than five months at a time as an international student.

    Step 2: Work as part of the OPT program

    While on the F-1 visa, you are able to apply for OPT, a temporary employment program that allows you to work in an area related to your degree studies for up to 12 months before and after graduation. To be eligible for OPT, you must have completed a full year of academic study in the United States.

    Step 3: Change your visa type.

    Although the F-1 visa allows you to work under the OPT provision, it is not renewable once it expires. To continue working and living in the United States, you’ll need to obtain a new visa.

    You’ll need the H-1B visa for this, which is a work visa for specialist occupations that demand highly specialized expertise gained through a bachelor’s degree or above. The only issue? The application must be submitted by your employer, who must be a US-based corporation ready to sponsor your visa.

    Step 4: Begin your green card application in the United States.

    When your H-1B visa’s maximum duration of six years expires, your employer must apply for a green card on your behalf through an H-1B visa petition. You might also locate a new job that will sponsor your green card application.

    The transition from H-1B to green card status is not straightforward. The process of obtaining permanent residency in the United States can take months and involves numerous phases with no certainty of success, so you’ll need to prepare carefully and begin the process while your H-1B visa is still valid.

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