UK Chevening Scholarship

One of the best scholarships in the UK, the Chevening Scholarship offers all aspiring students from Chevening member or eligible nations a fully-funded scholarship for a one-year master’s program in UK universities. The UK Chevening Scholarship is open to any international student from any country. You can apply for the Masters/MPhil degree programs under a Chevening scholarship program. The Chevening U.K. Government Scholarship Program is an excellent chance for gifted, self-driven, and skillful students to succeed in their studies and ambitions while receiving training from top-notch educational institutions they would not have been able to attend otherwise.

Chevening is the UK government’s international scholarships and fellowships programme. Funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and partner organizations, we offer individuals who show potential to inspire, inform, and influence positive change the opportunity to study at a UK university to gain a UK educational qualification.

It has been demonstrated that the Chevening scholars are the agents of change in this global society. Through their innovative thinking and a network of their own Chevening community, the Cheveners are overcoming the local and global difficulties. Since its inception in 1983, the most competitive scholarship program in the UK, the Chevening fully-funded scholarship for international students, has been proving itself as a milestone towards elevating careers, transforming communities, and fostering social change. Their actual journey begins after the completion of their master’s under the Chevening scholarship UK in which they commit to serving their communities while returning home for at least two years. Chevening scholars have made a difference for humanity while setting standards in practically every area of life. For instance, the Chevening participants surpassed records for volunteering by devoting 6,467 hours of their time while pursuing their master’s degrees in the UK. Similar to this, Chevening alumna Amina Mehmood teamed up with the UK Foreign Secretary to spearhead the Girl’s Education Initiative. There are other cases like these that inspire graduates to apply for elite scholarships in the UK.

Chevening’s objectives

The goal of the Chevening program is to support UK foreign policy priorities and achieve FCDO goals by building enduring, fruitful partnerships with the next generation of decision-makers, leaders, and influencers.

Chevening offers scholarships to people with exceptional leadership and influencing abilities from all around the world so they can spend time studying in the UK. The US (whose residents may apply for Marshall Scholarships sponsored by FCDO) and the majority of the EU are the two main exclusions from the program’s support of recipients from more than 160 nations and territories.

Successful Chevening applicants come from a wide variety of nations and backgrounds, but they all exhibit the drive, vision, and abilities necessary to create a better world.

Being chosen has several advantages, including fully covered tuition costs, access to some of the highest quality education available anywhere, special networking possibilities, and the opportunity to see the rich diversity of the UK’s culture.

What are Chevening Scholarships?

Chevening Scholarships are awarded to individuals with strong academic credentials and a track record of leadership. They are supported by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and allied organizations. The scholarship offers full financial support for master’s degree studies at any approved UK university, as well as entry to a number of exclusive educational, professional, and cultural events.

Since the program’s inception in 1983, Chevening has given more than 50,000 excellent professionals the opportunity to flourish in the UK. More than 1,500 scholarships are available internationally for the academic year 2021–2022, demonstrating the UK’s ongoing commitment to developing the next generation of leaders.

How does it work?

All applicants go through a rigorous selection procedure. Following that, British high commissioners and embassies around the world individually choose the top prospects.

A fully-funded scholarship will cover your living expenses, round-trip travel to the UK, and tuition or program costs. You will also have access to exclusive networking events, talks, seminars, internships, and volunteer opportunities, giving you a diversified introduction to working overseas.

Who can apply for a Chevening Scholarship?

  • Chevening scholarships are for talented people who have been identified as potential future leaders across a wide range of fields, including politics, business, the media, civil society, religion, and academia.
  • Applicants should be high-caliber graduates with the personal, intellectual and interpersonal qualities necessary for leadership.
  • Chevening Scholarships are available to students from more than 150 countries worldwide (excluding the USA and the EU).

Details About British Chevening Scholarship 2023-24

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Course Level: One Year Master Degree
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded From UK Government
  • No. of Scholarships: 1800
  • Opening Date: 2nd August 2022
  • Closing Date: 2nd November 2022

Applying for a Chevening Scholarship is a competitive and challenging process. To give yourself the best chance of success, it is advisable that you do as much research as possible. We’ve collated the most important information for you here.

Chevening Scholarship Amount, Benefits & Stipend

The British Chevening UK Scholarship 2023 is a Fully Funded Scholarship to study in UK Universities. It will cover the following expenses for all the Scholarship holders:

  • Full University Tuition Fees
  • An Enough Monthly Stipend
  • Airfare Travel Costs to and from the UK
  • An Arrival Allowance
  • A Homeward Departure Allowance
  • The cost of One Visa Application
  • A travel grant to attend Chevening events in the UK
  • Chevening will Pay the Quarantine cost if Booked by Diversity Travel.
  • Free COVID-19 vaccination (If applicable).

Tips for Chevening Scholarship Courses (How to Select a Course & University)

  1. You are Free to Choose from over 12,000 eligible Master’s Courses at over 150 different higher education institutions.
  2. Your Chevening Application must list at least Three Courses. (it means you need to tell them your first three preferred courses)
  3. All Courses are in the Year Master Program.
  4. Find more about eligible courses for Chevening
  5. Please apply to more than 3 Universities, OR at least 5 to 6 to secure admission.

Eligible Countries for Chevening

Chevening Scholarships are offered in over 160 countries. Participants are eligible from all around the world. you can check this tool to check your country

Eligible types of Work Experience

Chevening Doesn’t require Only Professional work experience. Chevening Scholarships require that applicants have at least two years of work experience. The types of work experience that are eligible for Chevening can include:

  • Full-time Employment
  • Part-time employment
  • Voluntary work
  • Paid or unpaid internships

You do not need to meet the work experience requirement in one period of employment. Applicants can submit up to ten different employment periods in order to meet the requirement. Chevening Scholarships – two years’ work experience = 2,800 hours. Read More about Chevening Scholarship Work Experience.

Chevening Scholarship Requirements & Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Chevening Scholarship 2023 you must:

  • Be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country or territory.
  • Return to your country of citizenship for a minimum of two years after your award has ended.
  • Have completed all components of an undergraduate degree that will enable you to enter a postgraduate program at a UK university by the time you submit your application. This is equivalent to an upper second-class 2:1 honors degree in the UK.
  • Have at least two years of work experience = 2,800 hours.
  • Apply to three different eligible UK University Courses and have received an unconditional offer from one of these.

Here are some more conditions that can determine your eligibility to be a Chevening scholar.

  • The applicant must not hold British or dual British citizenship
  • They must not be a refugee in a non-Chevening eligible country. However, it is pertinent to point out that citizens of a Chevening-eligible country living as a refugee in any of the Chevening-eligible countries are eligible for these UK Government scholarships for international students
  • The current and former employees of the British Government, as well as their families, are not eligible to apply for the award
  • The current and former employees of the Chevening Partner Organizations, as well as their family members, may apply to study in the UK. However, they will not be eligible to apply through the said organization 
  • The applicant must not have previously studied in the UK through a UK Government-funded scholarship program 

Documents Required for Chevening Scholarship

  • Valid passport
  • University transcripts
  • Degree certificates
  • Three choices for master’s courses

While you must upload the documents above at the time of submitting your online application, the ones mentioned below can be uploaded at any time before their respective deadlines.

  • English language test results for Academic IELTS/ TOEFL iBT/ Pearson PTE Academic/ Trinity ISE II (B2) or C1 Advanced
  • Unconditional offer from the selected university
  • Two reference letters (Guidance on Reference Letters)
  • Educational certificates (if any)
  • Motivation Letter


The last date to apply for all the students from all over the world for the British Chevening Scholarship in the UK for the years 2023-24 is 2nd November 2022 BST Time. The application will open on 2nd august 2022. For a reminder please follow our blog.

How to Apply for the Chevening UK Scholarship?

You first need to select your country here and then Select a Scholarship. Before we begin, please note that you can complete your application over some time. All you need to do is save your progress before logging out and hitting the submit button preferably a few days before the due date to avoid any issues at the last moment.

Step 1: Visit the official Chevening website and click on the ‘Apply’ tab in the top navigation menu

Step 2: Select ‘Pakistan’ from the first drop-down menu and then select ‘Scholarship’ from the second. Click the ‘Search button.’

Step 3: Register for the scholarship programme by entering your details in the relevant fields. It is recommended to write down your username and password somewhere safe

Step 4: Start filling your online application form. Make sure to click ‘Save’ before logging out and refrain from using the Back/Forward button on your browser. Instead, utilize the arrow keys appearing on the OAS

Step 5: Upload the required documents. The reference/recommendation letters for the Chevening Scholarship can be uploaded until late April 2022.

Step 6: Someone’s application questions have a certain word count. It is recommended to write your answers offline and then copy/paste them on the OAS. However, you must avoid plagiarism

Step 7: Choose three Master’s courses and confirm the status of your application

Step 8:  Once your application is complete, carefully read it before clicking the ‘Submit’ button

Candidates shortlisted for the interviews will be informed through email. 

Tips for a Successful Chevening Scholarship Application Form:

  • The applicant must correctly answer all the pre-screen in order to access the application form. A lot of candidates are rejected in this very initial stage because of incorrect answers.
  • Once the applicant has access to the application all the eligibility parts must be attended to carefully.
  • The applicant must not overlook the work experience section. Make sure to enter the correct number of work hours and a correct number of working weeks. The applicant must not be unrealistic while entering the work hours (e.g. 30,000 instead of 20 hours/week).
  • The applicants who indicate dual citizenship are rejected.
  • Make sure you must not enter one experience twice.
  • It is recommended that you have the same courses selected at three different universities which shows your commitment to your goals (the name may differ).
  • Do not choose duplicate courses for the same university.
  • Carefully fill your declaration part in which you have to answer according to Yes or NO.
  • Do not copy and paste your answers from other websites it will show plagiarism and your application will be rejected. Answer with originality.
  • Do not repeat the same answers.
  • Make sure to fulfill the word count requirement.
  • It is recommended to have English Proficiency Certificate even if the Chevening Scholarship does not require any proof but it can be the requirement of the university in which you are applying of the university you are applying and you are expected an unconditional offer letter from that university.

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