TU Berlin Summer University Scholarship 2022-23 Study in Germany

TU Berlin Summer University Scholarship 2022-23 is a brilliant chance for extraordinary students to get a scholarship to study in Germany. The scholarship is also known as TU Berlin’s President Scholarship and is awarded to the students in order to waive off the financial burden from their shoulders. This Berlin University Scholarship for international students calls for extraordinary individuals from around the globe. It also provides the platform for skill development through learning, experience, competence, training, and knowledge. Individuals can choose any course of study in this scholarship program.

TU Berlin University is located in the heart of Germany which is Berlin and an amazing center of science. The students of TU Berlin are trained in a way that they emanate ideas for future development. The university is the first-ever technical University in Germany. Furthermore, the University is known as “The Entrepreneurial University” due to the inclusion of its students in every field of life, especially in the world of technology.

The fellow student who will receive this funded Germany scholarship will become part of a greater educational arena because Technical Univerity of Berlin is also a part of the Berlin University Alliance. The scholarship is a gateway for broader social networking and to enter into the pool of former and future TU alumni. Besides all these attractions, the most prominent is its faculty. The TU faculty includes notable teachers of the world such as the professors from US National Academies Members, two National Medal of Science Laureates, and ten Nobel Prize Winners.

The international scholarship to study in Germany without tuition fee is no doubt an amazing opportunity and a highly competitive one. The recipient of this scholarship is automatically considered the best student and a talented as well as the extraordinarily brilliant one because of the competitiveness of this TU scholarship. Thus, no student who deems it fit should miss this opportunity.

TU Berlin Summer University Scholarship 2022-23:

Host Country:

  • Germany

Host University:

  • TU Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin)

Benefits of the Berlin Institute of Technology Scholarship 2022:

  • The tuition fees of the student will be fully covered.
  • The student will receive on-campus education from the world’s best mentors.
  • The student will receive multiple chances of cultural exchange and learning from others.

Eligibility Criteria of the TU Berlin Summer University 2022 in Germany:

  • The applicant must not be residing in Germany.
  • The applicant must be currently enrolled in TU at the time of application.
  • The applicant can apply for a course in the 2022 TU Berlin Summer Program.
  • All genders are eligible to apply.

How to Apply for the TU Berlin Summer University in Germany 2022?

  • The candidate must get admission first to TU.
  • The applicants must get themselves registered for TU Berlin Summer University through its registration portal.
  • The scholarship applications are only for a campus course.
  • The students applying for this scholarship don’t have to pay a €60 fee.
  • Upload the application in PDF form and in the “Document” section.

TU Berlin Scholarship Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the scholarship is April 29th, 2022.


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