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    Top Universities in New Zealand: Being one of the first countries to give women the right to vote, New Zealand has consistently emerged as a progressive nation that is deeply rooted in its ancient Māori culture which was established by Polynesians who discovered this island around 700 years ago. It is also among the world’s least populated countries with a population of just 4.78 million in 2019. As popular study destinations such as the US and the UK are also equally expensive ones for those aspiring to study abroad, New Zealand is one of those countries that can calm your quest of attaining quality education at affordable costs. The country is home to numerous higher-learning institutions that provide globally acclaimed programs in almost every field of study. Through this blog, we will take a look at some of the top universities in New Zealand along with listing down the varied courses they are known for.

    Universities in New Zealand: Top Options

    Before delving deeper into the details of different universities in New Zealand, take a look at the table below which delineates the academic institutions in the country and their renowned courses.

    Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

    Established in the year 1895, the university was earlier known as Auckland Technical School. AUT is one of the prestigious universities in New Zealand which has transformed a plethora of students. The Auckland University of Technology is one of the prestigious universities in New Zealand and provides a plethora of bachelor’s, master’s, and diploma courses spread across varied fields of study such as Business, Design, Culture Studies, Environmental and Health Science, and Law. Moreover, AUT has a total of 15 schools which also includes a specialized faculty for Maori and Indigenous Development formed to impart to students the knowledge of the country’s ancient heritage and history.

    Massey University

    Founded in 1927, Massey University is spread across three campuses in Manawatu, Albany, and Wellington. Along with providing a multitude of programs in different fields, the institution has also created specialized programs in Dispute Resolution, Nanoscience, Veterinary, Medicine, and Aviation. It is amongst the top science universities in New Zealand and also hosts the National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence encourages tertiary educational organizations to implement effective methods of teaching and learning and provides the required funding mechanisms for the same.

    University of Waikato

    Located in Hamilton, the University of Waikato is home to more than 10 schools and 7 research institutions. It is renowned for its Management and Engineering degrees and in 2014, it became a smoke-free academic institution by banning smoking on campus along with driving vehicles. Moreover, the university comprises seven faculties divided into different disciplines such as Arts and Social Sciences, Law, Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Maori and Indigenous Studies, amongst others.

    The University of Auckland

    Known as one of the largest universities in New Zealand, The University of Auckland has been ranked at 85th position in the QS World University Rankings 2019. It was founded in 1883 as a constituent college under the University of New Zealand and later dissolved into a separate entity in 1961. It offers an array of degree and diploma programs in Engineering, Computer Science, Public Health, Marketing, Accounting, Law, Medical Science, among others, and also features among the biggest research institutions in the country.

    University of Otago

    One of the oldest universities in New Zealand, the University of Otago was established in 1869. Believing in the motto of “dare to be wise”, the institution comprises a total of four faculties providing an assorted range of programs in Humanities, Health Sciences, Sciences, and Business. It is located in Dunedin and features the 175th position in the QS World University Rankings 2019.

    University of Canterbury

    As the second earliest academic institution in the country, the University of Canterbury (UC) was previously known as the Canterbury College. It is one of the leading research universities in New Zealand and is spread across a total of 190 acres. Moreover, UC comprises five colleges spread across the disciplines of Health and Human Development, Science, Law, Business, Education, and Engineering.

    Victoria University of Wellington

    A former constituent college of the University of New Zealand, the Victoria University of Wellington established itself as an independent institution in the year 1961. It is majorly renowned for its courses in the field of Law, Science, and Humanities. It is one of the popular universities in New Zealand and is well-known for its varied degree programs in Engineering and Technology, Business, Management, Finance, and Accounting.

    Lincoln University

    Named after Abraham Lincoln, the university came into being in 1878 and is presently home to students from 60 countries across the globe. The most popular academic programs offered by the institution are in the field of human services and teacher education. Lincoln University provides 37 undergraduate minors, 22 majors, and 5 pre-professional courses. It is one of those few universities in New Zealand that comprise an overwhelming majority of African American students.

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