Top Scholarships in Finland 2022

Top Scholarships in Finland 2022: Your breath will be taken away by Finland, the happiest country in the world, with its magnificent scenery, extensive history, and unique culture. This Scandinavian nation, which is bordered by Norway, Sweden, and Russia, is accessible for study and travel.

Finland has a top-notch economy, healthcare system, and educational system. These sectors’ expansion and development are advantageous to both their home country and the rest of the world. There are universities and other educational facilities.

Top Scholarships in Finland 2022

These institutions of higher learning are also international in scope. Finland welcomes international students in all degree and program levels. These students receive financial aid to meet their needs.

#1. University of Helsinki Scholarships:

One of the best scholarship programmes is available to students from outside the EU/EEA who want to attend the University of Helsinki. The oldest institution in Finland, Helsinki University, is known for its

The University of Helsinki, the oldest university in Finland, draws students from all over the world. The degrees available at the university today range widely. Finland awards scholarships to international students who excel in the classroom.

The fellowship is open to graduate students from non-EU/EEA nations who have a residence visa for Finland. Please note when submitting if you want to apply for a scholarship in addition to your desired master’s programme. You can have a lot of scholarships available to you at once.

Applications for scholarships are evaluated based on prior academic success and inspirational letters. Your application status will be communicated to you by the scholarship selection committee.

Scholarships’ value: 

  • Fully Funded Grant (Tuition fee + 10 000 EUR)
  • Full Tuition fee Grant
  • Study Grant (10 000 EUR)

The tuition fees range from 13000 to 18000 Euros.

Award Duration:

The scholarship is for two years. Depending on your performance during the first year, the scholarship may be renewed.


The following criteria must be met by all applicants:

  1. As long as you are not a citizen of the European Union or the European Economic Area.
  2. The University of Helsinki accepts applications for Master’s degrees.
  3. You have achieved exceptional results in previous studies and can demonstrate this in your application.

#2. University of Oulu Masters Scholarships for international students:

In order to keep the scholarship for the following year, the student must have earned 55 ECTS. If the student does not fulfil this requirement, they are required to pay the total international tuition rate.

The University of Oulu was established in 1958 and is one of Finland’s top universities. There are numerous bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes available, along with a sizable student body. For those aspirational international students, there are also options for top-notch research and instruction.

The International Scholarship is open to deserving students who study the English language. Throughout the application process, you can submit an application for this scholarship. Your academic record will be used to determine the prize. please There is a deadline for submitting documentation. Along with your academic aptitude, think about how much money your programme will save you on tuition.

Notification of an additional scholarship that is only available once and is good for the whole programme will also be included in your acceptance results. If you don’t obtain the necessary credit each academic year, your scholarship will be cancelled.

Among the awardees:  Depending on the topic of study, it can range from 10 to 40.

Value of Scholarship:

Tuition fees cover the cost of instruction at a school. They do not cover living expenses, such as food and shelter. Students are responsible for covering their own living expenses.

Duration: 1 year

#3  Alto University Scholarship:   

Aalto University only offers master’s degree programmes that are taught in English. Aalto University offers full scholarships to non-EU/EEA nationals who wish to enrol in these programmes. Scholarships based on merit are awarded. International students are accepted at Espoo University. The Aalto University Scholarship Program awards merit-based awards to non-EU/EEA students in each degree programme. There are two: category A covers half the cost of tuition, while category B offers full coverage.

You can choose the study area you want to focus on while applying. Fill out a scholarship application as soon as you can afford the tuition. Your academic record will impact your scholarship. Decisions about admissions and scholarships are made simultaneously.

The scholarship will last as long as you study full-time. A bachelor’s degree can be earned in three years, and a master’s degree can be earned in two.

Awarded: Several

Scholarship’s value: 

It covers tuition fees, living expenses, and study expenses for a maximum of two academic years.

  1. Categories A (Gold): Full Scholarship 16,000 Euro (2×8,000 Euro per year)
  2. Full Scholarship 16,000 Euro (2x 8,000 Euro per academic year) in Category B (Silver)
  3. Categorization C (Bronze): 50% of Full scholarship 8,000 Euro (2×4,000 Euro per academic year)

#4 University of Turku Scholarships:

The Institution of Turku is the third-largest university in Finland. The university generously awards scholarships to international students. There aren’t any unique forms needed for the application procedure. On your entry application, please note if you want to apply for a scholarship.

There are scholarships available for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Additionally, each Optional gives you the option of selecting the scholarship’s term. Master’s degree: 1-2 years of study; Bachelor’s degree: 1-3 years of study

The Institution of Turku is a premier interdisciplinary research institution that provides a distinctive viewpoint on local, national, and global research and teaching. Global and highly diversified research are strengths of the University of Turku.

Number of Awardees: 5

The program provides the following value: 

Research and teaching employees are paid according to the university’s pay plan. Postdoctoral Researcher wages are calculated based on requirement level 5 and personal performance level 4 euros. Setting a researcher’s salary may take into account a researcher’s performance.

Duration of Program: 5 years.

#5    University of Vaasa Scholarships:

Amount of Scholarship: Reduced tuition costs by 50% – 100%. A Master’s degree is required.

In order to assist foreign students in funding their studies, the University of Vaasa offers scholarships to prospective and current foreign students from non-EU/EEA countries. These scholarships may be applied for during your admissions process in Finland. On your application for admission, please indicate the type of scholarship you would like to apply for.

There are two types of scholarships available to foreign students. First, a scholarship is awarded to students with excellence in academics during their first year record from their prior university. This award will be determined by their first year record from their prior university. Scholarships for the second year, on the other hand, are awarded to full-time students who are continuing their education. These students will receive a 50% tuition fee reduction.

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