Top Reasons to Study in Germany

Top Reasons to Study in Germany: Germany is the world’s largest manufacturer and, as a result, the most forward-thinking location for research. Although students most frequently choose to study in Germany for science and engineering courses, possibilities for business and the arts are also growing there. According to general agreement, it is well-liked among other places to attend school for the reasons listed below.

It is no surprise that thousands of young international students are choosing to continue their education in Germany given the country’s several top-ranked universities and dynamic towns filled with history, a thriving nightlife, and art galleries. Germany has recently risen to the top of the list of preferred study abroad destinations for international students. It is actually the third most well-liked vacation spot!

Numerous scholars from all over the world trust German institutions with their education each year, and the reasons for this are clear.

Top Reasons to Study in Germany

Low Or No Tuition Fees

Germany is the only top study destination where universities don’t charge tuition, despite the fact that higher education is becoming more and more necessary due to the increased demand for highly trained workers and the expense of attending university is rising more quickly.

All international students enrolled at a public university in Germany are exempt from paying regular tuition fees, according to an October 2014 judgement. Only a few administrative charges, such as the student contribution, student union fee, and a public transportation ticket, totaling about €250 each semester, will be incurred by international students.

In a poll we conducted in 2018, 35.3% of potential international students in Germany named universities with low or free tuition fees as their top reason for choosing the country for higher education.

Top-Ranked Universities

According to official records from 2018, Germany has 429 operating public higher education institutions, 106 of which are universities. German universities exceed international benchmarks for higher education.

Some of them have constantly been included among the top universities in the world. Students prize these institutions for their high standards of instruction, opportunities for practical learning throughout their studies, for helping them advance intellectually both during and after graduation, and most significantly for their welcoming and safe environments.

They have earned this distinction because to their well-known proficiency in research and teaching, which is based on a long and illustrious heritage of higher education. Every year, several other German institutions are included to the global rankings in addition to the conventional top universities. Some German universities are not only among the greatest in Europe, but they are also some of the oldest.

Travel Europe on a Student Visa

The same rights as German and EU/EFTA citizens in terms of free admission, the ability to study and work without the need for supplementary permissions, apply to students from Europe who desire to live and study in Germany.

You will need to apply for a German Study visa if you are not a citizen of Europe but still wish to study in Germany. You must apply for a student visa that permits you to stay in Germany for longer than 90 days, unless you are participating in a summer language programme. You must additionally obtain a residency permit to live and travel within the nation. A good opportunity to visit the nations you are interested in within the time range is provided by the residency permit, which also entitles you to visa-free travel within the entire Schengen Area.

It is advised to apply for a student visa at least three months before your intended travel once you have received the letter of admission from the specified German university (the time you are expected to be in Germany).

Regarding the resident permit, all of your paperwork will be forwarded to the immigration office of the German region where your university is located, and once all the formalities have been completed, the residency permit will be awarded to you.

But there are requirements that must be met in order to get a student visa. You must notify the designated authorities before leaving if you will be entering Europe with such a permit.

Numerous Degree Programs

In addition to having many universities, Germany also provides a huge selection of degree programmes that are tailored to the interests of every individual. Germany has made significant investments in its engineering colleges as an industrialised nation, and as a result, engineering majors are now highly regarded at German universities. However, these colleges offer a lot more study options, some of which are world leaders in fields like medicine and pharmacy.

Furthermore, as new study topics emerge in tandem with cutting-edge scientific advancement, the list of classical courses offered by German universities is rapidly growing. In Germany, you’re sure to find a programme about it taught by the most respected experts in that particular discipline, whether you’re willing to study atoms or enigmatic galaxies in the universe.

Study Programs That Are Recognized Worldwide

In terms of their organisation and delivery to students, study programmes at German universities are cutting edge. They are created to keep up with the most recent scientific advancements taking place in the world and to educate people who are capable of taking on major problems.

Their curriculum is continuously updated and revised in an effort to identify or develop all-inclusive teaching and research methodologies. You will receive certification and a degree that is regarded and recognised all around the world after your course is complete.

Employers all around the world hold you in the highest regard since they are aware of the calibre of education you received while you were a student, making them willing to hire you and entrust you with significant duties.

Affordable Living Costs

The cost of living in Germany is fairly reasonable for international students with some careful money management and minor lifestyle adjustments. In general, metropolitan areas should have more expensive goods and services than rural ones.

The main financial issue you will face while studying in Germany is rent. However, you have a lot of options, and while if rent prices vary (mostly based on where an apartment is located), overall they are not too high.

You can reduce your expenses in half by sharing a room with someone, which would lessen your financial load. Other goods and services, such as food, amenities, public transportation, and so forth, are not expensive.

Jobs Available To International Students

International students are permitted to work part-time in Germany for a maximum of 20 hours per week, or 120 calendar days. More over 60% of the present international students in Germany are thought to be part-time employees.

Since there are many jobs accessible and you will probably find anything regardless, you don’t even need to have a degree. In Germany, it is common for students to work as tutors, bartenders, office assistants, babysitters, etc.

In Germany, working part-time while you study is a viable choice, even if you don’t need the extra cash to cover living expenses or your course doesn’t need a placement year. Your work experience may improve your employability in the future and teach you how to live independently and with more discipline.

Future Possibilities

Your university degree from a German institution is highly regarded and esteemed throughout the world. German graduates have a high employability rate in the international job market, which is evidence of this.

As a result, after receiving your degree, numerous firms will approach you with a plethora of alluring offers to hire you. They have faith in the credentials you’ve earned professionally thanks to your excellent German education and are convinced you can help them grow their company. Graduates from German colleges are among the highest-paid workers since they are such highly sought-after job candidates.

Having said that, your German degree will help you land a high-paying position in any country and regardless of your academic specialty.

Studying a Foreign Language

There are many reasons why learning German is incredibly advantageous to you, ranging from future employability to emotional bliss.

The German language is the most widely spoken native tongue on the European continent, and Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world. German businesses are leaders in the world and have a vast global branch network.

Therefore, by speaking German, you put yourself in a situation where they will approach you and make you an offer of employment. On the other hand, because German is a language that is widely spoken throughout the world, you have the chance to travel and visit new locations.

Diverse Community

Germany has long served as a hub for people from other countries. German citizens and many immigrants who came to our country to work and live with their families coexist together today.

Additionally, many of overseas students seek out German colleges as a means of achieving their educational objectives. Having said that, you will come across a variety of communities in Germany, each with unique characteristics that will force you to view the world from a new perspective.

Additionally, you can meet a lot of new acquaintances from all around the world and discover their cultures and traditions.

Historical and Cultural Heritage

There are remnants of Germany’s vast, rich, and complex history all around the land. You definitely know less about Germany today than you might think. The nation has played a significant role during crucial eras in the history of humanity.

Unparalleled contributions from their locals to historical, cultural, and scientific movements have permanently altered the path of human history. Studying in Germany gives you the chance to see the majority of these cultural and historical treasures, learn incredible tales about them, and create lifelong memories.

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