TATA Global Internships 2022

Apply for the Fully Funded TATA Global Internship 2022 today. All foreign students, from any nation, have the opportunity to participate in student internships through the TATA Global Internships. Mumbai serves as the home base for the Indian multinational company TATA. The Tata group invites bright young minds from all over the world to a creative programme. The internship with the TATA group, an industry leader with a conscience, offers a comprehensive work experience for 6 to 12 weeks.

good academic performers, but more significantly, those who exhibit exceptional learning. Participants in the TATA Global Internship programme have previously come from Harvard, INSEAD, Yale, MIT, Cornell, LSE, Cambridge, NUS, NTU, Bocconi, and IESE. The programme gives international students the chance to excel from all around the world. You must submit an internship report at the conclusion of the internship.

Any discipline is welcome to apply for an internship with TATA. Your project mentor and team will offer you first-rate assistance and mentoring. You’ll undoubtedly have forged some truly valuable contacts by the program’s conclusion. Through expert-led virtual social and cultural immersions, you’ll also get a flavour of India. Previous attendees have delighted in boogying to Bollywood beats, learning about the advantages of yoga, and more. Below are the specifics of the TATA Internship Program for 2022.

About TATA Internship 2022 | TATA Global Internships

  • Host Country: India
  • Company: TATA Group

India’s leading business group invites young students for a life-changing, immersive and challenging internship program. The program accepts applications from universities and institutes outside of India.

Internship Fields

The Tata Global Internships program is open to students of all nationalities who are currently pursuing a college or university degree outside India at any level of study in any discipline, and at any stage of the course.

TATA Group Products

Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals, Tata Consumer Products, Titan, Tata Capital, Tata Power, Indian Hotels, Tata Communications, Tata Digital, and Tata Electronics, Air India.

Who Can Apply

  • Applicants from more than 85 Nationalities, 285+ Universities, and 6 Continents Joined the TATA Global Internship program every year.
  • Applicants from Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Africa.
  • Students of all nationalities who are currently pursuing a college or university degree outside India at any level of study in any discipline, and at any stage of the course.

TATA Internship Application Process

The TATA Application Process in three Stages:

  • An Introduction To You
  • Asynchronous video interview
  • Interviews

An Introduction

We want to know all about you. Your passions, your peeves, your pivotal moments. Fill out a brief application form and apply with a resume and a personal statement. Apply here.

Asynchronous video interview

The candidates that make it to the next round will be invited to an asynchronous video interview that you can do in your own time, record and upload.


The last round will be video interviews with key business leaders from the group. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the internship program, the business priorities of the Tata group, and the specific project that you will work on.

Before You Apply

  • Choose your path: read descriptions of projects and find out more about the divisions of Tata to see what relates to your skills and interests. You can view sample projects here, and learn more about the group by exploring this website. The business overview is a good place to start.
  • Apply: reflect on your skills and interests when applying. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that is part of your academic curriculum, but it helps if you you are passionate about your choice and have enough skills to accomplish internship project goals.
  • Submit your application after carefully checking your Application Checklist.

How to Apply for TATA Global Internship

All Details and application Process is Available Here

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