How to apply!

  • First Step: To apply for admission to the Sussex MBA course through the University’s PG Apply online application system for a September start.
  • Once applicants have been decided on the course student can only apply for the MBA scholarships.
  • Applicants who have been presented with a place in the MBA program and feel that they have related (senior) management experience and/or expressive degree results must send an informal expression of interest for the MBA scholarship to mba @ once they have been offered a place in the MBA degree program.
  • Scholarships will then be checked on the basis of the Applicant’s initial MBA application and the interview. Once a decision has been reached on whether you will be awarded a scholarship you will be notified of the results. Once an applicant is offered scholarship students have to accept/decline the offer within one month. You will not be able to deny the scholarship offer to a different start date.
  • To get more details about the Sussex MBA scholarship visit the official website at the following link.

Official Website