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    Safest Countries for Women to Study Abroad!

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    Safest Countries for Women to Study Abroad!: Studying abroad in a foreign country comes with possible safety risks. It is getting increasingly difficult for female candidates to enter a new nation. Parents, students, the host university, and the local government are all concerned about this, in addition to parents and students. However, a few nations have stepped forward and built suitable regulations and infrastructure to welcome foreign students. We’ll talk about which nations are the safest for international students and ladies in this blog. Therefore, we have produced a list of the top safest nations for women and international students to pursue higher education in this blog.

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    Safest Countries for Women to Study Abroad!

    Many international students, especially female students or women, say that they are most worried about maintaining their personal security while they are studying abroad. Fortunately, many nations and their respective governments have strict laws and regulations in place to guarantee the safety and security of foreign students while they are enrolled in courses in their nations. A thorough list of nations that are secure for female students is provided below.

    New Zealand

    For women and students generally, New Zealand is regarded as one of the safest nations. It ranks second on the Global Peace Index 2021 with a peace index score of 1.253. In New Zealand, educators are in charge of ensuring the security and welfare of visiting foreign students. Additionally, before beginning the enrollment of the kids, educator providers must sign the New Zealand government’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. According to this code, educators are required to abide by all moral and just laws that have been established to ensure the safety and equality of all overseas students. Additionally, New Zealand’s welcoming culture offers many resources for supporting international students.


    Australia, which has a peace index score of 1.470 and is ranked 16th on the global peace index for 2021, comes in second on the list of the safest nations for women and students. It is regarded as one of the safest nations for both Pakistani students and female travelers. Homicide and violent crimes against students motivated by race-based discrimination are extremely uncommon. Additionally, the Australian government actively participates in conversations regarding the difficulties experienced by international students and takes the safety of its visitors extremely seriously. In actuality, Australia is a socially cohesive country that respects the customs and practices of overseas students from many countries and backgrounds who come to study there. Learn more about how much it costs to study in Australia here!


    The Netherlands has become a popular travel destination for many female tourists and international students over the years since it is consistently regarded as one of the world’s most tranquil, student-friendly, and safe nations for women and students. It has additionally been named one of the world’s and Europe’s safest destinations for female tourists. In the Global Peace Index Rankings 2021, it is ranked 21st with a peace index score of 1.506. In addition, the Netherlands enjoys high levels of gender equality, low rates of crime, and little racial discrimination. International students should still have access to the embassy’s contact information in case of an emergency.


    Denmark is well-known for its higher gender equality as well as its high standard of living.Denmark is therefore among the safest nations for women and students. Denmark is not only the most secure country for female tourists, but it’s also a highly developed country with few crimes per capita. It has a peace index score of 1.256 and is ranked third in the Global Peace Index for 2021. The Danish government and educational institutions treat international students as vital resources and offer them a variety of advantages, such as safe housing and fee breaks. Freedom, equality, tolerance, and respect for all people are some of Denmark’s key principles, which are exhibited in both their work ethics and their educational institutions.


    Canada, which is ranked 10th on the Global Peace Index 2021, is unquestionably one of the safest destinations for female and young tourists. In order to ensure the protection and welfare of their international students, Canadian universities have 24/7 security systems in place all across the campus. Additionally, if needed, safe housing away from their campuses is made available to overseas students, and they are given emergency contact information. Additionally, when students are traveling to their lodgings or stations, many Canadian colleges provide shuttle service and security escorts. Additionally, they encourage students to download their own mobile app that connects them directly to security personnel.


    The Global Peace Index 2021 places Sweden well as well, with a score of 1.460 and a rank of 15. Some of Sweden’s major cities, including Stockholm and Gothenburg, have developed into cosmopolitan hubs with sizable expert populations during the previous few decades. Not only is Sweden a great place to study because of its low crime rate, but it also has the safest traffic in Europe and the fewest road fatalities overall. The culture of Sweden is particularly student-friendly and accepting of everybody, landing it on our list of the top safest nations for female travelers and students. It is also an excellent study location for students who identify as members of the LGBTQ community.

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    Switzerland is well known for its beauty, from its lovely snowy mountains to the agreeable chilly environment, but it is also acknowledged and renowned for being one of the safest countries for female travelers and international students. It is ranked 16th on the Global Peace Index (2021), has essentially little violent crime, and has a very low risk of small crimes like pickpocketing compared to other nations. As a result, foreign students can feel secure touring Switzerland as long as they use common sense and caution. When it comes to the security and safety of international students, it also has strong firearms laws and safety regulations. It is also one of the cleanest nations in the world. It has one of the best public transportation systems and health care systems in the world. 


    Singapore is ranked among the world’s safest nations for women and overseas students. It has strict legislation in place for the safety and security of international students and is now ranked 11th in the Global Peace Index 2021. It has a zero tolerance for physical and psychological abuse. Singaporeans are also friendly and sympathetic toward visitors from different nations. Not to mention, Singapore’s very cosmopolitan and diversified student population makes it the ideal location for social engagement and international exchange. Additionally, it offers a first-rate infrastructure and luxurious transit options, making travel simpler for international students.

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