Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2023

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2023 are a fantastic chance for excellent graduate students looking to advance their careers in specialized fields. These fully-funded scholarships are offered to people who are eager to study a two-year master’s program in a middle-income or low-income Commonwealth country and who have the potential to develop practical skills but are unable to do so in their home country due to financial or other restrictions. These master’s scholarships help students develop their professional skills while they are in school and give them the most recent competitive skills necessary for the job market. The UK-sponsored scholarships serve as a platform for enacting positive change in the developing world and support students in finding efficient, beneficial, and forward-thinking solutions to the world’s problems.

The Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2023 is designed for gifted and motivated students to assist them in developing the abilities necessary to realize the central theme of global collaboration. The Commonwealth scholarships are designed to find people who are unable to consider studying because of obstacles in their academic careers. These scholarships have proven to be a beacon of hope for young minds in light of the ongoing pandemic. The students have the opportunity to work under the guidance of top-notch mentors from renowned universities. By carrying out the organization’s primary goal of achieving sustainable development objectives through higher education, green and clean developments can be ensured. The universities share the belief that without the support of informed research, skillful instruction, and passionate community involvement, the SDGs cannot be achieved.

The five main key areas are the focus of the fully funded scholarship program. Universities are a testament to happiness and good health and are assisting in the creation of a world free of anxiety through their excellent research and inspirational teaching methods. Universities collaborate with other countries in an effort to increase their knowledge, promote idea exchange, and fortify international ties. The institutes work on the principle of socio-politico-economic equality with a desire to learn, lead, and advance by providing simple access and inclusion. Students are also given a supportive environment for research in universities. Because they believe that strong academic institutions lead to strong nations, universities are designed to strengthen their foundations.

The QECS Scholarships 2023 are designed to support future candidates who are dedicated to bringing about change in the world’s communities. With the help of these scholarships, people will have the chance to change their lives by immersing themselves in a foreign culture and environment. The Association of Commonwealth Universities exists to promote excellence and create a better world through higher education that meets British standards and adheres to Commonwealth ideals. Additionally, the Association currently represents more than 500 member universities in close to 50 nations under the Commonwealth banner. While only 5% of their members are from small states, more than 60% of them come from low- and middle-income countries. It is a simple program to use, especially for people from developing nations who lack the resources for development needed to thrive in the globalized world.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2023:

Host Countries:

  • Bangladesh
  • Eswatini
  • Ghana
  • Jamaica
  • Malaysia
  • Mauritius
  • Pakistan
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda

Host Universities:

  • University of Dhaka
  • University of Eswatini (UNESWA)
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi (KNUST)
  • The University of the West Indies
  • Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • University of Malaya
  • University of Mauritius
  • COMSATS University Islamabad
  • The State University of Zanzibar
  • Makerere University

Degree Level:

  • Master’s Degree Program

Fields of Study:

  1. University of Dhaka

2) University of Eswatini (UNESWA)

  • MA History
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Nursing Science in Family Nurse Practice
  • MEd Adult Education
  • MEd Curriculum and Teaching
  • MEd Educational Foundations and Management
  • MEd Primary Education
  • MSc Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • MSc Agricultural Education
  • MSc Agricultural Extension
  • MSc Animal Science
  • MSc Chemistry
  • MSc Computational Physics
  • MSc Conservation Ecology
  • MSc Consumer Science Education
  • MSc Crop Protection
  • MSc Crop Science
  • MSc Environmental Resources Management
  • MSc Food Science and Technology
  • MSc Horticulture
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MSc Midwifery
  • MSc Textiles

3) Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi (KNUST)

  • MArch (Master of Architecture)
  • MPhil Agribusiness Management
  • MPhil Agricultural Economics
  • MPhil Agricultural Extension and Development Communication
  • MPhil Agroforestry
  • MPhil Agronomy
  • MPhil Agronomy (Crop Physiology)
  • MPhil Animal Breeding and Genetics
  • MPhil Animal Nutrition
  • MPhil Aquaculture and Environment
  • MPhil Architectural Studies – Two Years
  • MPhil Construction Management
  • MPhil Crop Protection (Entomology)
  • MPhil Crop Protection (Nematology)
  • MPhil Crop Protection (Plant Pathology)
  • MPhil Crop Protection (Plant Virology)
  • MPhil Fisheries Management
  • MPhil Fruit Crops Production
  • MPhil Landscape Studies
  • MPhil Meat Science
  • MPhil Natural Resources and Environmental Governance
  • MPhil Packaging Technology and Management
  • MPhil Plant Breeding
  • MPhil Postharvest Technology
  • MPhil Procurement Management
  • MPhil Reproductive Physiology
  • MPhil Seed Science and Technology
  • MPhil Silviculture and Forest Management
  • MPhil Soil Science
  • MPhil Vegetable Crops Production
  • MPhil Watershed Management
  • MPhil Wildlife and Range Management
  • MPhil Wood Science and Technology
  • MSc Agribusiness Management
  • MSc Agricultural Extension and Development Communication
  • MSc Construction Management (One Year)
  • MSc Geo-Information Science for Natural Resources Management
  • MSc Procurement Management (One Year)
  • MSc Project Management (One Year)

4) The University of the West Indies

Cave Hill Campus, Barbados:

  • MA Caribbean Studies*
  • MA Creative Arts
  • MA Global African Studies
  • MA Heritage Studies
  • MA History
  • MA Linguistics
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Laws (General, Corporate & Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Legislative Drafting, or Public Law)
  • Master Public Health
  • MSc Banking & Finance
  • MSc Business Analytics
  • MSc Financial and Business Economics
  • MSc Financial Management
  • MSc Human Resource Management
  • MSc Integration Studies
  • MSc International Trade Policy
  • MSc Investment and Wealth Management
  • MSc Labour & Employment Relations
  • MSc Marketing
  • MSc Natural Resource Management [Specialisations in (i) Tropical Coastal and Marine Resource Management; (ii) Climate Change; (iii) Water Resources Management; OR (iv) Land Management and Environmental Resilience]
  • MSc Nursing
  • MSc Renewable Energy Management
  • MSc Sport Sciences

Mona Campus, Jamaica:

  • MA History
  • MA Public History and Caribbean Heritage
  • Master of Public Health
  • MEd Educational Leadership and Management
  • MSc Advanced Electronics Systems
  • MSc Agricultural Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Development Studies
  • MSc Medical Physics
  • MSc National Security and Strategic Studies
  • MSc Natural Resource Management – Disaster Risk Management
  • MSc Natural Resource Management – Integrated Urban and Rural Environmental Management
  • MSc Natural Resource Management – Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystem
  • MSc Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
  • MSc Renewable Energy Management
  • MSc Renewable Energy Technology
  • MSc Sports Business Management
  • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management

St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad & Tobago:

  • MA History
  • Master of Applied Science Electrical & Computer Engineering [Specialisations in (i) Communication Systems; (ii) Control Systems; (iii) Energy Systems; OR (iv) Integrated Systems]
  • Master of Laws (General, Corporate & Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Legislative Drafting, Oil & Gas Law, or Public Law)
  • MSc Agricultural Economics
  • MSc Agri-Food Safety & Quality Assurance
  • MSc Biotechnology
  • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering
  • MSc in Chemical and Process Engineering with Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering with Management
  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Civil with Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Computer Sciences
  • MSc Engineering Management
  • MSc Food Science and Technology
  • MSc Geoinformatics
  • MSc Management Studies
  • MSc Manufacturing Engineering and Management
  • MSc Marketing and Agribusiness
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MSc Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health
  • MSc Petroleum Engineering and Management
  • MSc Reservoir Engineering
  • MSc Sport Management
  • MSc Tourism Development & Management
  • MSc Tropical Animal Science and Production
  • MSc Tropical Crop Protection
  • MSc Urban and Regional Planning
  • MSc Value Addition for Food and Nutrition Security

4) Universiti Putra Malaysia

  • View courses

5) University of Malaya

6) University of Mauritius

  • Master of Public Health

7) COMSATS University Islamabad

  • MS Mathematics
  • MS Physics

8) The State University of Zanzibar

  • MA Education Youth and Gender Development
  • MSc Climate Change and Natural Resource
  • MSc Information Technology

9) Makerere University

  • MA Gender Studies
  • MSc Agribusiness Management
  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Food Safety and Quality Management
  • MSc Renewable Energy

QECS Awards Program Duration:

  • The duration of the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships for international students is 2 years.

Benefits of Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2023:

  • The full tuition fee will be covered.
  • QECS scholarship will cover the living expenses.
  • The scholarship will cover the return economy tickets.
  • The scholarship will also provide an arrival allowance.
  • A research grant will be provided.

Eligibility Criteria of the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships:

  • Candidates must be a citizen or refugees or permanent residents from the eligible commonwealth country.
  • Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree.
  • Candidates of all ages can apply.

For more info, visit QECS Faqs.

How to Apply for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships?

  • All candidates have to apply online.
  • An applicant will first need to register MyACU account.
  • They will get an email confirming the registration of an account
  • Then, applicants will be able to log into the system and reach the application form that needs to be filled out carefully.
  • Provide all required details including personal data, academic, and employment records, and the course you are wishing to apply for.
  • Make sure that the relevant course exists in the university you have selected for admission.
  • Provide statements that include a plan of study, development impact, post-study outreach, and creating networks.
  • Ensure to have your supporting documents along prior to the application process.
  • Complete your application carefully and submit it.
  • The applicants will receive a confirmation email after submission.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2023 is 10 January 2023 at 16:00 UTC.


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