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    Permanent Residency in Australia

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    The majority of international students apply for Permanent Residency in Australia after having been living in a foreign country for their study program. The ulterior motive of studying abroad is access to the best possible career opportunities. Australia is one such country in the world that is full of opportunities and possibilities for migrants. Settling in Australia after graduation from there is easier and it is allowed by the Government of Australia on the basis of the skills and academic profile of a student.

    Permanent Residency in Australia

    Temporary Graduate Visa: The most suitable option to attain a permanent residency in Australia is to apply for Temporary Graduate Visa. By attaining this visa the candidate can work, study and travel in Australia for 2 to 4 years. It allows candidates to earn required professional skills according to their degree major and enhance their language skills until they are ready to apply for the Skill Select Immigration procedure of Australia. The duration of stay allowed to you under Temporary Graduate Visa depends on your degree level and qualification attained in Australia such as:

    -Bachelors Degree or Bachelors Honors Degree Attained From Australia (2 years)
    -Masters Degree By Course Work (2 years)
    -Masters Degree By Research Work  (3 years)
    -Ph.D. Degree (4 years)

    Australia PR Eligibility 

    To attain a Temporary Graduate Visa the international student has to meet eligibility criteria set by the Department of Home Affairs Australia which is as follows:

    -The candidate must be in Australia while applying for Temporary Graduate Visa
    -The candidate’s age must b under 50 years of age
    -The course you studied in Australia was a registered course by CRICOS
    -The candidate had completed the requirements of the study course successfully
    -The course studied by the candidate was taught in the English language
    -The course you studied was completed in two Australian academic years (92 weeks of study)
    -The candidate was physically present in Australia for at least 16 calendar months during the term time of the course
    -The candidate had an Australian study visa for the entire duration of his study
    -A valid national passport
    -English proficiency test certificate (must not be acquired more than 3 years ago). IELTS, TOEFL iBT, Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic), Occupational English Test (OET), Cambridge C1 Advanced test. The nationals of the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, and the Republic of Ireland are exempted from providing English language proficiency test certificates. (Visit Test Section to Get Upcoming  IELTS and TOEFL Test Dates)
    -The candidate must meet Australian health requirements (the candidate must not be suffering from a disease that can threaten the health of the public)
    -The candidate must meet Australian character requirements (you do not have a criminal record, history of escape from immigration detention, you had remained in good character during your education period in Australia)
    -The candidate had to sign the Australian value statement (the candidate will sign an Australian value statement vowing that he will abide by the rules and regulations of Australian law and respect the Australian people and their way of living)
    -The candidate must not have debt against him or any of his family members from the Australian Government. If he owes money to the Australian Government then he must arrange to pay the amount to avail of this visa.
    -The candidate has not had a visa request canceled before applying for this visa. ( if you have had applied for an immigration visa or any other visa while your stay in Australia and that got canceled then you can’t apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa of Australia)
    -The candidate has purchased adequate health insurance coverage for the duration of his stay.
    -An adequate means of income

    Cost of Applying for Temporary Graduate Visa

    The cost of the visa is AUD1, 535. An extra fee will be charged for health assessment, police verification, and other biometric procedures. If any of your family members is included in your visa application then you will have to pay the full visa fee per member.

    Visa Processing Duration

    You must apply for this 6 months before your student visa expires. The visa processing can take a longer time to process if you have not filled the visa application form completely or if there are any mistakes.

    Permission to Travel outside Australia

    The holders of Temporary Graduate Visa can travel outside Australia as many times as they want to but this duration in which they were absent from Australia does not extend visa.

    Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa

    It is another type of temporary residency permit visa that can be applied by those international students who have done engineering degrees from Australia. After completing their study program from Australia, the engineering discipline can apply for a Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa. By attaining this visa the graduates stay in Australia for 18 months during this period they will be allowed to work, travel, and study in Australia. Before this duration ends the graduates must get professional experience in their field of engineering discipline to apply for the Skill Select immigration procedure. This type of visa is only applicable for engineering degree holders. The engineering must be attained from an Australian-recognized institute of at least two academic years duration. The engineering degree can be at either one of Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, or Post Graduate Levels.

    Age limit
    The applicant must be under 31 years of age


    -The candidate applying for a Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa must not have been the holder of a Temporary Graduate visa previously
    -The candidate must meet the health requirements of Australia (the health inspector will ensure through medical checkup that the candidate is not suffering from any disease that can threaten public health)
    -The candidate must meet Australian character requirements (must not have any criminal record and must not have escaped from immigration detention)
    -The candidate should have a valid national passport
    -English proficiency test certificate
    -The candidate will have to sign an Australian values statement (vowing that he will fulfill the law obligations of Australia and respect the way of living of the Australian people)
    -The candidate is not indebted to the Australian Government
    -The candidate not have had any visa canceled before applying for Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa

    Cost of Applying for Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa

    The candidate will have to pay AUD375. The health checkup, police statement and biometric documentation charges will be other than this fee.

    Visa processing Duration

    The candidate is required to apply for Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa 6 months before his study program ends. The visa process can take longer if the candidate has not completely filled the visa application form or f there are any mistakes found.

    Permission to Travel outside Australia While on Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa
    While the time of applying for Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa the candidate can be outside or inside Australia there is no obligation. After getting the visa the candidate is allowed to travel outside Australia as many times as he wants but the visa will not be extended on behalf of days and months of absence from Australia.

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