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    Norway Permanent Residence

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    Norway Permanent Residence: Non-EU individuals can apply for Permanent Residence Permit if they are living in Norway for more than 3 years of period.

    Norway Permanent Residence Details

    For applying for a Permanent Residence Permit you should have held a Residence Permit and currently have a valid one at the time of applying. Holidays or a certain amount of research stays do not fulfill the requirement of residing in Norway for three years.

    How Pakistani Students can Apply for Permanent Residency in Norway 2022

    Non-EU students, after receiving their Student Residence Permit can also get their Part-Time Work Permit, which allows them to work for 20 hours per week. After completing your education, you are not allowed to stay in Norway until unless you enroll in any other course, you get a relevant job as a skilled worker and get a Work-Permit, or you have a Job Seeking Visa which allows you to stay in Norway for 12 months to search for jobs. In the meantime, you can apply for Permanent Residency Permit if you have been living legally in Norway for 3 years or more and have a valid Residence Permit.

    You can apply for a Norwegian Permanent Residency Permit if you are legally living in Norway for more than 3 years under a residence permit. Residence Permits are typically granted for studies or work.

    You must be proficient in the Norwegian language. If you want to become a Permanent Residence in Norway, you must prove your proficiency in the Norwegian language. Also, you have to pass the Norwegian language and social studies test, which is an oral test in Norwegian and Norwegian social studies written test in the language of your choice.

    During your 3 years or more stay in Norway, you must not have any criminal record, you can’t afford any criminal conviction, also, if you were ordered into any involuntary psychiatric treatment or care so you are not eligible to apply for Permanent Residency Permit. Note that having a criminal conviction doesn’t mean that you can never apply for a Permanent Residence Permit. However, you have to wait until 3 years pass after the date of conviction.

    Register on the Online Application Portal, you can submit your application for a Permanent Residence Permit on the online application portal of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

    Enough Financial Support

    You have to prove that you have financially supported yourself. UDI only gives Permanent Residence Permit to the individuals who have met the minimum requirements for the income statement for the previous year. The amount in 2019 was NOK 238,784. You should the amount when you are applying for the Permanent Residency Permit.

    Permanent Residency Permit Application fees

    After completing and submitting your online application, you have to pay Permanent Residency Permit application fees, NOK 3,100, which you can pay online at the same time through your debit or credit card. After you have submitted your application and paid your fees, you have to visit your nearest police station to hand in some required necessary supporting documents.

    Residence Card

    After your application is approved, which takes around 3-6 months to process, you have to visit your nearest police station where police will take your pictures and fingerprints for your Residence Card and you will receive your residence card at your residence via mail in 8-10 working days.

    Remember, a residence card for Non-EU individuals is valid for 2 years, you have to renew it before it expires.

    Citizenship of Norway

    After getting a Norwegian Permanent Residence Permit most individuals are seeking Norwegian citizenship. To apply for Norwegian citizenship you must be living in Norway for at least 7 years with a residence permit.

    You should not have any criminal record. To become a citizen you must prove that you were not involved in any criminal conviction during these 7 years of stay in Norway. You might still be able to get Norwegian citizenship, but you have to wait for a certain period which depends upon the penal section imposed as the result of a conviction.

    The Norwegian Government will confirm your identity with valid and reliable documentation (valid passport or birth certificate) before you apply for Norwegian citizenship.

    Applying for citizenship requires you to pass the oral Norwegian test at the A2 level, if you have passed your oral Norwegian test for Permanent Residence Permit at the A1 level, you have to give it again to pass at the A2 level. You also have to pass the Norwegian Citizenship Test, which same as the Norwegian social studies test which you gave for the Permanent Residence Permit in your choice of language, but this time you have to give it in Norwegian language only.

    Submit the Citizenship Application from the online application portal of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI). You can use the same account from which you have applied for Permanent Residence Permit. Pay the Citizenship Application fee, NOK 3,200, which you can pay same time online through your debit or credit card.

    After submitting your application and paying your fees, you have to submit all the required documents to the nearest police station. The list of required documents follows.

    -Valid Passport.
    -Birth certificate.
    -Marriage certificate or partnership certificate (if any).
    -Tax return.
    -Proof of your proficiency in the Norwegian language.
    -Your Norwegian language and Citizenship test results.
    -Proof of your qualification.

    UDI will start processing your application after receiving all the required documents. They might call you for an interview to provide some additional information. If UDI approves your Citizenship Application, you can get your papers from the nearest police station in person within 3 months. After getting your papers you can apply for Norwegian Citizen Card and Passport.

    Remember, Norway doesn’t allow dual citizenship, to get Norwegian citizenship you have to formally renounce your former citizenship. Contact your nearest embassy or consulate of your home country to find out what to do next.

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