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    New Zealand Permanent Residence

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    New Zealand Permanent Residence: For international students to apply for PR in New Zealand, there are certain conditions and requirements you must know. Studying in New Zealand is a blissful adventure as you can study at affordable costs in a safe country and discover the best career opportunities in its thriving economy. If you are looking for a PR list of programs to study in this country, scroll through this blog to find all the information about PR courses in New Zealand, the PR Points calculator, how to get PR in New Zealand, and more!

    How to Get Permanent Residency in New Zealand

    After having been living in New Zealand for a job hunt or for gaining skills related to your field you can apply for permanent residency based on the point’s assessment system of immigration. You can choose either one of the following permanent residency categories based on points and skills. The Government of New Zealand has simplified the process of attaining permanent residency by introducing various categories of PR visas. The Skilled Migrant Visa is the most commonly availed PR visa type by most immigration aspirants who wish to settle down in New Zealand. The point assessment system includes qualification, age, work experience, and employment contract. Each PR Visa category’s eligibility is met by achieving points based on these factors. One must choose wisely which visa category suits the best to his/her profile and apply for it likewise. The Permanent residency Visa Categories are:

    -Skilled Migrant Visa
    -Work to Residence
    -Residence from Work
    -Business Visa
    -Family Category Visa
    -Dependent Child Visa

    Skilled Migrant Visa in New Zealand

    The Skilled Migrant Visa allows the holder to live in New Zealand for an indefinite period. The eligibility of this type of visa is based on the points assessment mentioned above. After meeting points assessment eligibility the candidate would be asked to fulfill the following requirements:

    -Prove English Language Proficiency by appearing at IELTS, PTE, or CAE tests and passing them with good grades. (Know Upcoming IELTS, TOEFL Test Dates)
    -Meeting character and health requirements of New Zealand
    -You can assure that you will abide laws of New Zealand
    -The applicant should attain a minimum of 100 points in the points assessment system of immigration mentioned above to attain a Skilled Immigration Visa

    Business and Investment Visa in New Zealand

    Those planning to set up a business in New Zealand by investing money or have a unique business idea that has growth potential can apply for either investor or entrepreneur category of permanent residency visas.

    Investor Category:
    There are two types of investor category residency visas including Investor or Investor plus visas. The applicant would have to meet investing amount eligibility, character requirements, language requirements, health requirements, and current bank statement proving that you have enough financial resources to afford your living while your stay in New Zealand.

    Business Category:
    Individuals who have already been running a business in New Zealand for the last two years can apply for this visa after meeting other eligibility requirements such as Bank statements, character requirements, health requirements, Language requirements, and others.

    Family Category Visa in New Zealand

    The family category visa is for those individuals whose parents, child, partner, or spouse hold a permanent residency visa in New Zealand. The holder of a family category visa can have the same privileges as his sponsoring family member.

    Silver Fern visa in New Zealand

    This type of permanent residency visa is dedicated to young and enthusiastic individuals who want to work and live in New Zealand. The applicant has to find a suitable employment long-term contract from a New Zealand-based employer.

    How to Apply for Permanent Residency in New Zealand 2022

    The process of applying for permanent residency starts by lodging an EOI (Expression of Interest) by making an account online on New Zealand’s immigration website which is handled by governmental authorities.

    -If you gain 160 points through the above-mentioned point’s assessments immigration system then you will be granted a PR visa automatically and you will receive an email from the authorities stating your EOI (expression of interest) has been accepted.
    -Or if you do not gain 160 points then you will be included in the pool system and wait for the selection process.
    -The selection process takes 6 months maximum
    -As you get selected you will be issued an ITA (invitation to apply) for permanent residency
    -For applying for permanent residency you will have to complete the required documentation and pay a fee of NZ$530 if applying through online means or NZ$650 if applying through a paper application. The application will be submitted at New Zealand’s immigration office or online official website.

    New Zealand Permanent Residence Courses

    There are no certain PR courses in New Zealand that you can study for getting a permanent residency. International students can opt for any course and once they graduate, they can apply for jobs and their study visa can be converted into a work visa. The most common PR courses in New Zealand are mainly master’s level as they prepare you for an advanced level of education in your field and can help you land a job in New Zealand. 

    Let’s take a look at the type of study visa that you can later convert into a work visa and then apply for a Permanent Residency in New Zealand.

    -First is the Fee Paying Student Visa which is valid for four years. With the help of this visa, you can enroll at the university, pay the fee of the course and live by yourself in New Zealand. 
    -There is another visa that allows the student to work part-time along with the study of the course. With the help of this visa, the student can do part-time work for up to 20 hours a week. 

    New Zealand Permanent Residence Points System

    You can apply for New Zealand visas by directly applying to New Zealand Government. This is comparatively cheaper than getting in touch with agents or the visa bureau. To judge your eligibility, the government has formed a PR points system in which points are allotted under the following heads:

    Employability: 60 points for current skilled employees for over a year, 50 for people looking for a job/working for less than a year
    Work Experience: Ranges from 10 points for 2 years up to 30 points for 10 years, plus bonus points for benefits and growth appraisals in your work experience
    Qualifications: 50 points for a Bachelor’s Degree or any other major Diploma qualification and 55 for a Master’s or Doctorate Degree
    Family Ties: 10 points for close family members in New Zealand
    Age: Maximum of 30 points for 20-29 years up to a minimum of 5 points for 50-55 years of age

    Securing 160 points gets you selected for ITA (Invitation To Apply) for a visa. The minimum submission criteria would be 100-135. However, it is not certain that this shall guarantee an ITA.

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