Most Powerful Passports in the World 2022

Most Powerful Passports in the World 2022: Travel can be a stressful activity, but passing through borders and checkpoints is a breeze when you’ve got the world’s best passport. The handy little document opens doors, provides access to healthcare, and grants the right to work and study abroad, provided you’ve got the right country of citizenship. At least in the past, all you had to do was flash your photo, scan your name, and you were good to go. The globe is reconsidering its approach to foreign expeditions for good reason after spending the previous two years at home due to the loosening of global constraints and the spate of international border openings. The fact that not all passports are created equally is demonstrated by the current battle raging across Europe.

Japan and Singapore continue to share the top passport honors around the globe, with Germany and South Korea coming in second, followed by Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain in third. Australia placed seventh overall, barely behind our neighbor New Zealand, who took sixth. What does it all mean, then?

The Henley Passport Index is what?

Restrictions are nothing new for international travelers going to or from traditionally less tourist-focused regions. You could not be allowed to enter a particular region depending on the nation where your passport was issued, usually due to geopolitical developments and security concerns. The good news is that a number of organizations, the most well-known of which is the Henley Passport Index, are devoted to tracking passport power globally.

The Henley Passport Index ranks all of the world’s passports according to the number of places their holders can enter without a previous visa, using expert comments and historical data spanning 17 years. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which maintains the largest database of travel information in the world and compares the availability of 227 travel locations for 199 different passports without requiring a visa, is the source of the information in the index.


Although it appears straightforward, there is actually a points system in play. As stated by Henley,

A score of 1 is generated for that passport if a visa is not necessary. If you can receive a visa on arrival, a visitor’s permit, or an electronic travel authority (ETA) at the point of entry, the same principle still holds true.

A score of 0 is given when a visa is necessary or when a passport holder must obtain an electronic visa (e-Visa) that has been authorized by the government before traveling. This also holds true if you require pre-departure government authorization for an arrival-only visa.

The number of countries for which no visa is required is then multiplied by the total score for each passport (value = 1). For instance, a passport will receive 40 points if it allows visa-free travel to 40 different nations.

Best Passports in 2022

The nations with the strongest passports are listed below, in ascending order of the number of visa-free destinations. The source for all information below is the Henley Passport Index.

10. Holders of passports from Poland, Lithuania, or Slovakia are exempt from visa requirements to enter 182 nations.

9. Passport holders from Hungary may travel to 183 locations.

8. Travel to 185 locations is possible for citizens of Malta, Greece, the Czech Republic, Canada, and Australia.

7. Travel to 186 destinations is possible for citizens of these nations’ passports: Norway, New Zealand, Belgium, and the US.

6. The United Kingdom, Portugal, Ireland, and France are among the 187 places accessible to passport holders from these nations.

5. Traveling to 182 locations is possible for citizens of these nations. The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Austria.

4. If you have a passport from Luxembourg, Italy, or Finland, you can visit 189 nations without a visa.

3. Passport holders from Spain and Germany are permitted to travel to 190 locations.

2. Passport holders from Singapore and South Korea are permitted to travel to 192 locations.

1. The Japanese passport is the most versatile passport in the world, allowing users to travel to 193 locations.

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