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    Malaysia Permanent Residence

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    Malaysia Permanent Residence: You get to experience an exciting and life-changing phase of your life for the completion of the study program and attaining a degree while studying abroad. You adjust to a new environment, make new friends and adopt a new way of living. It is natural for students to wish to settle in the country where they have studied abroad.

    Malaysia Permanent Residence Details

    Malaysia in particular locates in a strategically important geographical position in Asia. It is a rapidly growing economy where numerous multinational companies are running their business. Many opportunities and doors open for you as you attain a degree from Malaysia. Malaysian universities hold a very high reputation internationally because of high standards of education and quality assurance. You must have a job contract to stay in Malaysia after you graduate from there. You can stay in Malaysia temporary under three temporary passes namely: Visitor’s pass (Professional), Visitor’s pass (Temporary Employment), and Employment Pass each having its own criteria explained below:

    Visit Pass (Professional)

    The Visit Pass (Professional) is for those professionals who wish to stay in Malaysia for specific professional experience in the short term of stay.

    Application Procedure to Get PR of Malaysia for Pakistani Students:

      • The application for Visit Pass (Professional) will be submitted by the employer/sponsor.
      • The validity of the Visit Pass (Professional) ranges from 6 months to 12 months depending on the working condition and terms and job type.
      • The applicant of Visit Pass (Professional) seeks professional training at a factory or hotel in Malaysia the visa will be allowed for 6 months.

    Who is Eligible to Apply for Visit Pass (Professional)?

    -International students who are undergoing a professional training program at industry, universities, colleges, private or public schools, Embassies, Hotels, and Companies
    -An individual who has specialized in any particular skill which is considered as appropriate by the Director-General of Immigration, Malaysia

    Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment)

    Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment) is granted to professionals working in the following approved sectors:

    Application Procedure:

    The Local Centre of Approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs will approve and pay the levy
    The application for Visa With Reference (VDR) and the Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment) will be applied by the employer

    Documents required for Application:

    -Application letter from employer
    -Application of visa by a reference form
    -Approval letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia
    -Levy paid original receipts
    -IMM.12 Form
    -Payment form
    -Bank Guarantee (insurance guarantee or deposit which will be valid for 18 months duration)
    -A copy of the worker’s passport
    -1 photograph of a worker
    -Personal bond of employer stamped
    -Medical report of worker approved by Malaysian Health Ministry

    Terms and Conditions Imposed on Holder of Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment)

    -The age of the worker should be between 18 to 45
    -The worker is not allowed to change job without seeking permission from the Ministry of Home affairs Malaysia
    -The holder of Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment) can work in Malaysia for 5 years

    Employment Pass

    The Employment Pass is offered to those who have two years job contract from a Malaysian Company with a salary package of at least RM 500 monthly.

    Required Documents:
    -Letter of appointment from a Malaysian company
    -Application form with 1 passport size photograph of the applicant (DP11 Form)
    -Acceptance letter from company or Employment contract
    -Copy of applicant’s passport

    Permanent Residency of Malaysia Requirements for Pakistani Students

    Malaysia follows a points-based immigration system for achieving permanent residency similarly to European countries, Australia and New Zealand. Besides meeting the points system there are categories of permanent residency such as Investors and Experts (A1), PROFESSIONALS (A2), and Spouse of a Malaysian citizen. Each of the permanent residency categories is explained below:

    -The applicant has to fix a deposit amount of 2 million USD at Malaysian Bank for five years duration (It cannot be withdrawn before five years) is eligible to apply for investors (A 1) visa
    -Spouse and child below 18 years of age can also attain permanent residency along with applicant after 5 years of stay in Malaysia
    -The applicant must be sponsored by one Malaysian citizen

    -Individuals having skills, talent, and expertise in their profession are eligible for this type of permanent residency. The skill you have must come to be recognized by international organizations as “World Class”.
    -Recommendation from relevant Malaysian Agency.
    -Certificate of good conduct of character from the country of origin of the applicant
    -The applicant must be sponsored by one Malaysian citizen

    -The applicant must have outstanding skills in his field of profession
    -Recommendation from relevant Malaysian Agency
    -Certificate of good conduct of character from the country of origin of the applicant
    -The applicant must be sponsored by one Malaysian citizen
    -The applicant must have three years of working experience from Malaysian public or private company which has Relevant Agency in Malaysia certification.

    Spouse of a Malaysian Citizen
    -The applicant must be married to a Malaysian citizen/national
    -The applicant had been staying in Malaysia for continuously 5 years duration and had Long Term Visit Pass issued on his/her name
    -The applicant is required to submit “Surat Akuan Perkahwinan”
    -The sponsor of the applicant must be the spouse

    Meeting the Points System
    The applicant has to gain at least 65 points to attain permanent residency through a points-based system. All foreign nationals including experts, investors, professionals,s, and spouses of Malaysian citizens can apply for points-based immigration. The points are bestowed based on the following seven factors:
    -Duration of stay in Malaysia
    -Familiarity with the Malaysia Institute
    -The values of investments
    -Working experience in Malaysia
    -Proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia

    The Procedure of Applying for Permanent Residency of Malaysia

    -Submit the visa application form of the eligible category of permanent residency at the Immigration Department of Malaysia
    -The application for permanent residency must be made in Malaysia
    -A cover letter written personally by the applicant should be added with documents
    -The applicant will be asked to give an interview at the Immigration Department upon submitting the visa application
    -Recommendation letter from a relevant agency in Malaysia must be added to the documents.

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