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    Malaysia Employment Pass: Earlier known as Malaya, Malaysia is a rich blend of magnificent indigenous cultures, bustling metropolitans, delectable cuisines, and a diversely cosmopolitan population! Attracting people from all around the globe, Malaysia is renowned for its education system and top-ranked universities and the country is also home to many globally known brands. It is one of the top destinations to study and work abroad owing to the high standards of living and modern culture it has on offer! Want to pursue a work opportunity in Malaysia? You will be required to obtain a Malaysian Employment Pass to be eligible to work in the country! Here is a complete guide on Employment Pass Malaysia, its processing time, application procedure, categories, and more!

    Being a foreign national, it is mandatory to seek Employment Pass in Malaysia if you aspire to pursue a job in the country. Issued by the Malaysian government, an employment pass is more or less a work permit that allows foreign candidates to pursue a career in the country. The processing time for Employment Pass Malaysia is generally 5 working days given that the applicant has submitted all the documents and application essentials!

    Types of Employment Pass

    To welcome various candidates into the country, Malaysia offers multiple types of Employment Pass. As per your offered job profile by the Malaysian employer, you can choose to apply for a suitable type of permit. Here are the prominent categories of Employment Pass Malaysia:

    Employment Pass Category 1

    The Employment Pass Category 1 is for candidates aiming to pursue esteemed and higher-level employment opportunities like executives, CEOs, Managing Director, etc. at an organization in Malaysia. Here are some of the mandatory conditions of Category 1:

      • Candidates must have a minimum monthly salary of 10,000 RM.
      • It is compulsory to have a work contract of up to 5 years.
      • Applicants are allowed to hire foreign nationals as domestic help.
      • This Employment Pass Category 1 can be renewed.

    Employment Pass Category 2

    Candidates who have secured managerial and professional roles in Malaysian companies need to apply for Employment Pass Category 2. Job profiles like Lectures, Managers, Architects, or Directors come under this type. The requirements for Employment Pass Malaysia Category 2 are as follows:

      • Your monthly salary must be between 5,000-9,999 RM.
      • It is necessary to have a job contract for at least 2 years.
      • This category of Employment Pass can also be renewed.
      • Applicants are allowed to hire foreign nationals as domestic help.

    Employment Pass Category 3

    The Malaysian Employment Pass Category 3 is for those who have acquired job positions equivalent to non-executive roles and possess significant practical or technical skills. Majorly Fashion Designers, Food Technologists, Manufacturers are eligible for category 3. Here are the eligibility requirements for Category 3 Employment Pass Malaysia:

      • Your average salary for a month must be between 3,000 RM and 4,999 RM.
      • It is necessary to have a job contract for at least 2 years.
      • This category of Employment Pass can only be renewed twice.
      • Applicants are not allowed to hire foreign nationals as domestic help.

    Eligibility Criteria for Employment Pass

    To avail of any category of Employment Pass Malaysia, the candidates must follow certain requirements. Here are the general eligibility criteria for Employment Pass for Malaysia:

    • The candidate must possess the academic qualification required for the job.
    • A minimum of 3 years of work experience is required. If your academic qualifications are lesser than what is mentioned, candidates must possess more years of experience.
    • It is essential to meet the standard requirements for salary.
    • The applicants must work in technical, executive, or managerial positions involving a specific skill set.
    • Candidates shall not seek employment under the sectors considered restricted.

    Document Checklist for Employment Pass

    Whilst filling up the application form for Employment Pass Malaysia, applicants need to keep a few documents handy. Here is a document checklist you need to apply for the Employment Pass:

    -Application form for the Employment Pass
    -Passport size photographs
    -Photocopy of your passport
    -Documents from the organization stating the employment of the candidate
    -An approval of all letters for the Expatriate Post from the specific authority body
    -Copy of your academic and professional transcripts
    -Updated CV or resume

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