KAUST Global Fellowship Program in Saudi Arabia 2023

For those who are passionate about directing cutting-edge research in the Middle East, the KAUST Global Fellowship Program 2023 in Saudi Arabia is a fantastic opportunity. Brilliant emerging research leaders from all over the world are supported by the fully funded fellowship programme. They can create a path to a completely independent career thanks to this. It presents an opportunity to give students real-world crisis experiences at a time when the world is already engulfed in the shadow of a deadly pandemic. It enables enthusiastic students to broaden their perspectives in engineering and science. In order to fulfil the KAUST fellowship program’s primary goal of advancing science and technology through collaborative research and academics, highly qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.

The highly compensated fellowship programme abroad, sponsored by KAUST, is a merit-based initiative centred around the five main pillars of KAUST while focusing on various ideas. Water, energy, the environment, food and health, and the digital domain are the five main pillars. Furthermore, the two strands that the aforementioned five pillars fall under have been used to design the KGFP programme 2023. The first is general and topical, while the second is research-focused and based on current events. Given the dire need for water in many areas and the alarming signs of water scarcity, the KAUST chose the topic of “hydrogen” for 2023. The second strand focuses on various crucial research areas that are strategically important to KAUST every year.

The Middle East is open to students who want to pursue careers as research scholars. The programme aims to find potential career-oriented researchers from all over the world, invest in them, and help them reach their full potential as charismatic future leaders in science and research. The chosen individuals will have unrestricted use of their top-notch amenities and resources. They are able to produce research findings at the highest level possible in this way. The international fellowship programme assists postdoctoral researchers in the early stages of their careers who have not yet proven their aptitude and enthusiasm for conducting independent research. Under the guidance of eminent scientists and researchers, aspiring researchers get hands-on experience.

The fully-funded scholarship enables research students to collaborate successfully with members of various communities in order to advance their positions on a global and national scale. It gives research scholars a great chance to make a difference in overcoming time constraints and launching their careers in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. It offers effective solutions to aspirants through inquisitive and purposeful research. Serving the people of the Kingdom and the rest of the world is one of the goals of the KAUST scholarship 2023. It has consistently served as a lighthouse for peace, faith, and reconciliation. Students with bold research aspirations shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to advance through KAUST.

KAUST Global Fellowship 2023 in Saudi Arabia:

Host Country:

  • Saudi Arabia

Host University:

Program Duration:

  • The duration of the KAUST Global Fellowship in Saudia Arabia 2023 depends upon the nature of the research.

Benefits of the KAUST Global Fellowship 2023:

  • Candidates will be given a 75K USD annual stipend.
  • Candidates will be provided with an independent annual research project budgeted around $45,000.
  • Candidates will be given free access to laboratories.
  • Candidates will be given living accommodation.
  • Candidates will be given a working facility at KAUST.
  • Candidates will be given easy access to mentorship and leadership programs.
  • Candidates will be facilitated with medical insurance.
  • Candidates will be given a traveling and relocation allowance.
  • Childcare and Schooling are covered.

Eligibility Criteria of the KAUST Global Fellowship 2024:

  • The scholarship is specially designed for postdoctoral researchers to commence a 3-year research project.
  • Candidates must be awarded a Ph.D. within 4 years or have 4 years of research experience.
  • The research project should be based on the critical global challenges related to the five pillars.
  • Candidates must meet the requirements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to get a residential facility there.

How to Apply for the KAUST Global Fellowship 2023?

  • All candidates can apply while registering themselves through an email account.
  • The applicants will receive an email notification confirming the registration.
  • Provide all required personal information, e.g., name, address, country, religion, etc.
  • Provide academic qualification details including the name of degree, institute, main course, specialization, date completed, etc.
  • Provide the details of your current or recent position including job title, starting and ending date, organization, name of employer, etc.
  • Provide two best publications including article title, publication type, publication title, and date.
  • Provide the name of one KAUST faculty member and the other preferences also.
  • Provide details of two referees including name, position, organization, and email address.
  • Complete all the required fields that are necessary for registration.
  • Complete your registration request carefully and submit it.
  • If you are selected, you will be informed by the KAUST faculty.

Documents Required for the KAUST Global Fellowship 2023:

  • KAUST Host Pi Letter.
  • 3 Research Proposals.
  • Two Publications.
  • 2 Reference Letters.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume.
  • Valid Passport.

KAUST Fellowship Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the KAUST International Fellowship 2023 in Saudi Arabia is January 15th, 2023.


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