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    Ireland Permanent Residence

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    Ireland Permanent Residence: The Non-EU/EEA nationals residing in the State of Ireland on work permit/ work authorization or are employment permit holders for a minimum 5 years duration can apply for Long Term Residency Permit in Ireland.

    Ireland Permanent Residence

    There is an exception for Critical Skills Employment Permit holders in Ireland; they can apply for Long Term Residency in Ireland after just living legally for two years duration. After getting Long Term Residency Permit in Ireland you will not need to apply for any other visa extension or work permit. After five years of getting Long Term Residency Permit in Ireland, the individuals are eligible to apply for Irish citizenship. (Read Study Guide Ireland)

    Condition to Apply for Long Terms Residency in Ireland:

    -The Non-EU/EEA national must have to reside in Ireland for a minimum of 5 years legally
    -If any period of time during these 5 years the applicant have been residing in Ireland illegally will not be counted
    -In the case of students to they must have stayed five years in Ireland legally (I-e they have (Stamp 2 & Stamp 2A)
    -The Long Term Residency Permit will be valid for 5 years after that you can apply for citizenship. You must apply for citizenship before Long Term Residency Permit expires.
    -You must have maintained good character and had abided by rules and regulations of the State of Ireland
    -Your work permit must be up to date when you submit for Long Term Residency Permit application
    -The Spouse/Dependant of the applicant can also apply for Long Term Residency Permit if they have resided in Ireland for 5 years

    How to Apply Ireland Permanent Residence?

    You must submit the following documents along with an application letter covering all the details of your work permit to the Long Term Residency Division, P.O. Box 12079, Dublin 1. (Read Popular Job Sectors Ireland)

    Documents Required for Long Term Residency in Ireland:

    -A copy of the applicant’s work permits is required
    -A copy of the applicant’s Certificate of Registration, i-e Irish Residence Permit (IRP) or GNIB card.
    -Certified, clear, and legal copy (or copies) of applicant’s passport including all endorsements. (In case your passport has been expired since arriving in the State of Ireland, then please submit copies of all stamped passports containing endorsements).

    Note: If your application meets the eligibility criteria it will be put in chronicle order for finalization or permission. If your application does not meet the eligibility requirements it will be canceled within a week and the authorities will inform you right away. Usually, the application is processed period takes 6 to 8 months (if it is approved). In some cases, the duration can take longer than 6 to 8 months. It is advisable to apply for Long Term residency Permit 8 months before your work permit expires.

    Fee for Residency Permit of Ireland 2022

    The fee for Long Term Residency Permit is €500. (This fee will only be charged to those, whose application has been approved by the authorities, the authorities will issue a letter of approval to them. They will have to submit this amount within a 28 day time period.)

    Once this fee has been paid, the authorities will issue a letter to the applicant stating that the applicant has been granted a Long Term Residency on Stamp 4 for 5 years. In case the applicant has not been able to pay this fee within 28 days then he will have to repeat the process and it will cause delay.

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