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    International Scholarship Programs For Pakistani Students

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    International Scholarship Programs Pakistani Students Should Know About Do you want to pursue higher education at a foreign university but don’t have enough funds to meet the tuition requirements? Usually, international students have to pay almost double what the locals are required to pay, which can be quite heavy on the pocket. However, what most young people don’t know is that there are many international scholarships for Pakistani students that only fully or partially pay your tuition fee but also bear the cost of living and other amenities. 

    Depending on which country you want to go to and which discipline you want to obtain a degree in, there are several scholarship programs that you might be eligible to apply for. 

    List of International Scholarships for Pakistani Students
    If you want to apply for scholarships, here’s a list of scholarship programs all Pakistani students must know about.

    The Fulbright Degree Program
    The Chevening Scholarship
    DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service
    Commonwealth Scholarship

    Here’s an overview of these scholarships programs along with their application cycles, their eligibility criteria, and the types of grants and awards they offer.

    Fulbright Scholarship Programs
    The Fulbright Degree ProgramFulbright Scholarship Programs may be highly competitive but they are a great option for those looking to pursue higher education in the US

    The Fulbright Program is easily one of the most renowned international scholarships in Pakistan. Comprising several fully-funded scholarship and fellowship programs, this prestigious grant is funded by the United States Department of State.

    These awards are offered in nearly 150 countries across the world. However, Pakistan appears to be the biggest recipient of these awards. Moreover, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is also working together with Fulbright to fund PhD scholarships for Pakistani students in the US

    While there are several different awards offered under the flagship program, the Fulbright Degree Program is the most popular option for students in Pakistan as it funds postgraduate study in accredited American universities.

    Country: United States of America

    Eligibility Criteria
    To be eligible to apply for the Master’s Program, candidates need to have a total of 16 years of formal education from a recognized university. This can be in the form of a four-year Bachelor’s degree or a combination of a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Fresh graduates from all disciplines (except for clinical medicine) are encouraged to apply. However, those with an MBA or a degree in Public Policy and Public Administration need to have work experience of at least two years.

    Similarly, for the PhD Program, applicants need to have a minimum of 18 years of formal education from a recognized university. If you have worked as a teacher or in either research or public sector, that might also work in your favor.

    The award recipients must return to Pakistan at the end of their program.

    What Does This Scholarship Cover
    The Fulbright scholarships for Pakistani students enable them to enjoy the same facilities and amenities as their American counterparts. The grant includes airfare, visa fees, university tuition, the cost of textbooks, a living stipend, health insurance, and a computer along with some settling-in allowance.

    Application Cycle

    Application intake: February to May
    Application review and interview process: until September
    Results announced: Mid-October
    University Placement Process: Until February
    Visa Interviews: Until June
    Departure: July onwards

    How to Apply
    You need to submit an electronic application form along with three reference letters, your GRE report, and scanned copies of your degree and transcripts among other documents.

    Educational documents attested by the issuing authority are also acceptable at the time of applying. Nonetheless, it’s better to get your degree attested by the HEC as you’ll need it later.

    For more information about this scholarship program, you may check out the official website for the Fulbright Scholarship.

    Chevening Scholarship Program
    The Chevening Scholarship
    If you want to pursue higher education at a university in the United Kingdom, you need to look into the Chevening Scholarship Program as it offers financial assistance for education in the form of full scholarships for Pakistani students.

    Funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office along with partner organizations, this international scheme is aimed at developing global leaders and offers both scholarship and fellowship awards. Chevening is administered in over 150 countries while the applicants are shortlisted by the officials in British embassies and high commissions across the world.

    Students applying for this international scholarship program need to select three different Master’s courses at either the same university or three different universities. However, you need to make sure the courses you select are all full-time taught courses leading to a Master’s Degree. You need to have an unconditional offer from at least one institution/course to obtain this grant. Needless to say, Chevening is incredibly competitive.

    Country: United Kingdom

    Eligibility Criteria
    To be eligible to apply for the Chevening Scholarship Program, an applicant must have an undergraduate degree that is equivalent to an upper second-class 2:1 honors degree in the United Kingdom. This means 16 years of formal education with a GPA ranging between 3.00 and 3.59.

    Furthermore, the candidates must have at least two years’ work experience, two reference letters, an IELTS report that meets the language requirements, and an unconditional offer of admission.

    After the award ends, the students must return to Pakistan for a minimum of two years.

    What Does This Scholarship Cover
    The recipients of the Chevening Scholarship award are granted full tuition fees, monthly stipend, airfare, settling allowance, and additional grants. Although the cost varies with university and course of choice, students studying in the UK under this program receive approximately £26,000 for the entire academic year.

    Application Cycle

    Application intake: August to November
    Application review: November to December
    Submission of reference letters: January
    Interviews at British High Commission: February
    Global Interview Period: March to May
    Announcement of Interview Results: June
    Commencement of studies in the UK: September/October

    How to Apply
    You only need to submit an online application on the official Chevening website. This will require scanned copies of your passport, degree, transcripts, and other documents. Please note that you’ll have to apply to your preferred university on your own. Depending on the course, each institution is bound to have a different set of requirements and varying application procedures.

    You can also head over to the official Chevening Program website to find out more about this scholarship program.

    DAAD German Academic Exchange Service
    DAAD German Academic Exchange ServiceYet another prestigious international scholarship for Pakistani students, DAAD German Academic Exchange Service is the largest German organization fostering international academic cooperation. This self-government national agency offers several scholarship programs in Pakistan that enable students from all across the world to pursue higher degrees at recognized universities in Germany.

    The best thing about DAAD is that it offers foreign scholarships for Pakistani students at each academic level. This includes undergraduate scholarships, graduate scholarships, and postgraduate scholarships.

    However, just like Chevening, DAAD does not offer any courses itself but offers merit-based grants that cover studies at higher education institutions in Germany.

    Some of the most notable DAAD scholarship programs for Pakistani students include DAAD Research Grants for PhD and Postdoctoral students, DAAD Scholarships for Medical Doctors, DAAD Graduate Programme: Public Policy/Good Governance, and DAAD Development-Related Postgraduate Courses- Educating Professionals for Sustainable Development. It also offers internships and language programs.

    Country: Germany

    Eligibility Criteria
    The eligibility criteria differ with each scholarship program and the selected course. However, those applying for the Postgraduate Scholarship must have at least a four-year Bachelor’s degree along with two years of professional experience in a related field.

    What Does This Scholarship Cover
    DAAD does not cover the tuition fee. However, since many public universities have already abolished tuition fees, international students are not required to pay hefty fees either way. Meanwhile, the DAAD award recipients receive a monthly stipend and travel allowance. They may also receive subsidies for textbooks, health insurance, or childcare.

    Application Cycle
    The application cycle and process for each program differ significantly from the other.

    How to Apply
    Students can apply for scholarships either through an online application or by post. They’ll need to submit a duly filled DAAD application form, CV, letter of motivation, letters of recommendation from their universities, reference letters from employers, confirmation of employment, IELTS or TOEFL results along with copies of degrees and transcripts among other things.

    For further information about appropriate programs and courses, you’ll have to visit the website for DAAD Scholarships.

    Commonwealth Scholarships
    Commonwealth ScholarshipsDo you want to study in the UK and learn more about the local culture? Well, Commonwealth Scholarships can be an excellent opportunity for you to obtain higher education from an accredited university. Funded by the UK Department for International Development and jointly supported by UK universities, this international scholarship program is meant for those willing to pursue a full-time taught Master’s course in a UK university.

    While the Commonwealth program offers many different fellowships along with Master’s and PhD scholarships for Pakistani students, the Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are perhaps the most renowned program. Some of the other notable Commonwealth scholarship programs include Commonwealth PhD Scholarships, Commonwealth Split-site Scholarship, Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships, and Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships.

    Country: United Kingdom

    Eligibility Criteria
    While the eligibility criteria for applicants vary with each program, there are a few common requirements across the board. For instance, applicants must be unable to financially support their studies in the UK without this award and they must not have studied or worked in a high-income country for a full academic year.

    Moreover, those applying for one-year Master’s scholarship programs must hold a degree equivalent to an upper second-class 2:1 honors degree in the UK.

    What Does This Scholarship Cover
    Commonwealth scholarships are fully funded and include tuition fees, return airfare, monthly living allowance, warm clothing allowance (where applicable), this grant, study travel grant, and excess baggage allowance. Award recipients may also be reimbursed for the mandatory tuberculosis test for visa application along with child and dependent allowances.

    Application Cycle
    The application cycle for each Commonwealth scholarship program differs from the other.

    How to Apply
    Since all applications from Pakistan are routed via HEC, you’ll need to apply online through the Higher Education Commission’s e-portal. The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission does not accept direct applications. The list of required documents also varies with each program. However, you’ll definitely need your language test results and scanned educational documents to submit the online application.

    Moreover, you are also required to secure admission in your desired courses at a UK university in addition to applying for a scholarship.

    To find out more about the application procedure and other requirements, please check out the official Commonwealth Scholarships website.

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