Fully Funded Scholarships in Portugal 2023

For the class of 2023–2024, all Portuguese universities are now accepting applications and providing fully funded scholarships in Portugal. International applicants are urged to research Portugal scholarships for their post-secondary study. Scholarships are offered in Portuguese colleges for both undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Applications are presently being accepted for the prestigious scholarships granted by the Portuguese government and universities that are fully sponsored for the upcoming session of 2023. For qualified and driven overseas students who wish to pursue higher education through one of the top scholarship programmes in the world without having to provide IELTS results, Portugal is the best option.

That outstanding area is regarded as the top student destination. While on the educational trip, taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy Portugal’s splendour is the cherry on top. Candidates may also submit an application to one of the many respected Portuguese colleges that offer top-notch, cost-free undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees.

Candidates with weak IELTS scores are nonetheless welcome to apply to these prestigious Portuguese universities and take use of sponsorship programmes to cover the cost of their degree programmes.

Fully Funded Portugal Scholarships 2023

  • Scholarship Country: Portugal
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Funded

List of Portugal Universities Without IELTS

  • University of Lisbon
  • Nova University of Lisbon
  • University of Coimbra
  • University of Aveiro
  • University of Porto

Fields of Courses 

There are multiple English Speaking Courses available in Portugal Universities.

  • Study Computer Sciences
  • Study Biomedical engineering
  • Study Nursing in Portugal
  • Study Finance in Portugal
  • Study Medicine in Portugal
  • Study Medicine in Portugal
  • Study Finance in Portugal
  • Study Architecture in Portugal
  • Study Management in Portugal
  • Study Nursing in Portugal
  • Study Engineering in Portugal
  • Study Culinary Arts in Portugal
  • Study General Engineering

Portugal Scholarships Sponsorships & Benefits:

Monetary coverages by the Portuguese scholarships in partnership with respectable organizations and non-profitable foundations are;

  • Health & Incident Insurance
  • Scholarship Awards of variable amount
  • Free lodging service
  • Funds to purchase books & research tools
  • Tuition fee waivers
  • Monthly subsidies
  • Travel Cost
  • Free of cost Food

Language Requirement at Portuguese Universities:

The primary medium of instruction is Portuguese at Portugal Universities. However, a few of the courses for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees are taught in the English language at some universities.

Language Proficiency Requirements for Portugal Universities:

Portuguese universities require domestic applicants to submit Portuguese proficiency language scores. However, applicants with non-native English backgrounds are bound to submit English language proficiency proof for BS, MS degrees, or Ph.D. degrees conducted in the English language. For instance, acceptable language tests at these Portuguese universities are IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE Academics/ CAE/ CPE, & English level B2.

How to Study without IELTS in Portugal?

Well, studying without IELTS at a Portugal University is not so challenging as applicants with low IELTS scores can opt for other options. For example, if the applicant has obtained his previous education in the English language, IELTS scores are not mandatory. In the meantime, candidates can also submit the above-listed IELTS alternative test scores.

How Can International Students Apply for Admission at Portugal Universities?

The admission application procedure is quite simple and uncomplicated. Though admission, entry, and language requirements vary with each university. Still, check the general application process below.

Interested individuals have to fill out the application form online on the official application portal of their chosen Portuguese universities. Students are bound to complete the application form with all the correct information. Once the form is filled, submit the documents, including academic transcripts, recommendation letters, visa, passport size photos, motivation letter, application fee, etc.

1# University of Lisbon Scholarships:

The University of Lisbon, the largest and oldest public research university, is the first reputable name on this list. It is renowned for providing PhD, MA, and BS programmes in a variety of disciplines. As a result of obtaining university scholarships offered by Lisbon, such as the Doctoral Degree (3rd cycle) Scholarship Program, the MEDFORD Student Scholarships, the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, and others, candidates with financial difficulties might get grants and funding.

IELTS and TOEFL are, however, recognised language exams at Lisbon University. The University of Lisbon has an acceptance rate of 45%, and the fees are EUR 50.

2# University of Porto Scholarships:

The University of Porto requires qualified international applicants who wish to enrol for sponsored undergraduate or graduate programmes to be prepared to take advantage of attractive scholarship opportunities throughout the duration of the degree programme.

Here, scholarships will be awarded to international students based on their academic performance and merit. The SASUP scholarships, Scientific Scholarships, and Merit Scholarships, which provide monthly stipends, tuition price reimbursement, scholarship awards, and more, are still open to applicants.

It’s not necessary to submit IELTS results. The B2 Level 1 results, however, are an option for pupils. The acceptance rate is currently 59%, with a full-time course costing EUR 1,250.

3# University of Coimbra Scholarships:

Thousands of courses are offered for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees at the renowned University of Coimbra. People from developing nations who are interested in applying may also be eligible to win several scholarships. These programmes provide students who are unable to pay for their education with a wide range of fascinating advantages. In the meanwhile, applicants are instructed to submit the English B1 or Portuguese B1 results after taking into account the eligibility requirements.

The Santander-Future Scholarships, merit-based scholarships for domestic and international students, Erasmus + ICM Scholarships, AULP Scholarships, etc. are available at Coimbra University, though.

With a competitive acceptance rate of 45%, Coimbra University’s admission application price is EUR 50.

4# University of Aveiro Scholarships:

The university in Aveiro, Portugal, is doing its part by offering both domestic and international students an infinite number of partially and totally financed scholarships. Whether you are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies here is irrelevant.

Each degree at the university is supported by scholarships to the highest ability of international students. Winners will be able to use health services, accident insurance, living stipends, and many other benefits in the interim.

Incentive scholarships, academic UA Merit Scholarships, and other awards are among the scholarships offered by Aveiro University. Speaking of the requirements for these scholarships, international applicants must provide documentation of their English or Portuguese language ability along with a Euro 50 application fee. The University of Aveiro has a 68% acceptance rate.

5# University of Minho Scholarships:

The Minho university, one of Portugal’s best universities, accepts 66% of applicants and provides Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate programmes to Portuguese nationals as well as those from other EU members. Similar to this, students who are eager to enrol at this university have a wonderful opportunity to benefit from grants for tuition and other benefits up until the completion of the degree.

The following scholarships, which cover board, tuition, health care, and living expenses, are available to qualified applicants from low-income states: Scholarships for Excellence, Academic Scholarships Based on Merit, EEG’s Awards, Braga Lions Club Scholarships, Almedina Awards, etc.

Students who are interested should submit the 40 euro non-refundable application fee in the meantime.

6# University of Algarve Scholarships:

Are you open to enrolling in Portugal’s fully-funded BS, MS, and PhD programmes at the Algarve University? If the response is affirmative, this is your chance. Make the most of it by starting to look for and apply for appropriate scholarships that support your chosen degree programmes.

The Social Action Scholarships, the Merit-based Scholarship Programs, the BPI Awards for MS degrees, the Good Practices Scholarship Award, the Sports Scholarships for Student-Athletes, etc. are available to applicants. The sponsorship package for these deserving scholarship programmes offers complete tuition cost coverage, prizes of €3,000, and other benefits.

However, with a 69% acceptance rate, entry to Algarve University is not very difficult. Candidates must pay EUR 50 in admission fees in the meanwhile before submitting an application.

7# University of Évora Scholarships:

The renowned University of Évora follows, providing both EU and non-EU students with financial aid and social support. About 50 cutting-edge programmes for BS, MS, and research studies are offered at that university. In the meanwhile, students planning to enrol here for undergraduate or graduate degrees can submit applications for prestigious scholarships including the Santa Casa da Misericordia de Évora Award, the Peter Vogelaere Scholarship, the Joana Vasconcelos Scholarship, and the Merit & Excellence Awards.

Nevertheless, obtaining these scholarships is not simple. Candidates must put in extra effort because these rewards are given based on factors including academic performance, GPA, subject preferences, etc. Winners will also receive substantial scholarship awards, fee waivers, and other benefits.

At the same time, Evora University has a 68% acceptance rate and charges EUR 800 per semester in tuition.

8# Universidade Portucalense Scholarships:

The Universidade Portucalense has set the undergraduate and graduate tuition costs for overseas students at EUR 176. The students who are struggling financially might apply for scholarships and bursaries to cover these costs. These sponsored programmes are a cooperative effort of internationally renowned foundations and Portugal’s universities to assist students with their tuition and research programme expenses.

For local and international applicants without IELTS scores, the Universidade Portucalense offers significant scholarships including the Fullbright Portugal Scholarships, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, and Horizon Europe Funding Scholarships. Students who qualify for these scholarships will receive free meals, housing, money to cover tuition, stipends each month, and health insurance.

But with acceptable English level B2 scores, the admittance percentage at Universidade Portucalense is 75%.

9# Universidade Atlântica Scholarships:

The Universidade Atlântica scholarship programmes are open to deserving international applicants who desire to study abroad in Portugal on a scholarship. These scholarship programmes are open to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students pursuing degrees in management, information technology, engineering, computer engineering, nutrition sciences, etc.

Additionally, these scholarships provide great advantages to the learners, easing the strain of their academic path. Students who are interested can apply for numerous scholarships, including the Excellence & Academic Scholarships, FUNIBER Scholarships, and Collaboration Scholarships.

Universidade Atlântica Acceptance Rate: 75%
Universidade Atlântica Enrollment Fee: €360

10# Universidade Católica Portuguesa Scholarships:

With a 75% admission rate, the Catholic University of Portugal has established a number of scholarship programmes for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral study.

By submitting their TOEFL, CPE, CAE, and PTE scores, international students can become the best contenders for these awards. However, the Universidade Católica offers significant scholarships for international applicants, including Montepio Grants, CFPA Fellowships, and UCP Merit-based Scholarships.

Candidates must satisfy the language requirements in order to be considered for these scholarships. Meanwhile, UCP charges 125 EUR in tuition per semester.

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