Denmark Permanent Residence

Denmark Permanent Residence: After getting a graduate degree from Denmark or any other European Country International students show great interest to move again for some genuine purposes including working purposes, permanent residence purposes, and in the end citizenship is another main purpose of the candidates. For all these purposes Pakistani students are not exceptional. Study Guide Denmark

Denmark Permanent Residence

No doubt, every year thousands of Pakistani students move to European countries for study and other mentioned purposes and Denmark is one of these countries. If you have also completed your graduate or Master’s degree from Denmark and are looking to move again for one of the above-mentioned purposes then you can find the best ways with complete eligibility criteria here on this page. Choose the way for which you are matching and then apply. (Read Visa Guide Denmark)

1. What is Work Permit?

A work permit is an official document or letter of permission for a foreigner for getting employment opportunities. Like other European countries, Denmark also offers working opportunities for foreigners. Denmark has been accepting applications for immigration for the last 30 years.

According to the Danish Immigration Services report, 8% of migrants were involved with work permit immigration. The rate day after day is increasing. The reason behind this increment is the abundance of working opportunities in Denmark.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Permanent Residence?

Following Is The Eligibility Criteria To Apply For Work Permit to Denmark:

-Applicants must be older than 18 years
-Applicants filled and submit the complete application form
-A valid travel document i.e. Passport with at least 3 months validity is required
-A recent passport size photo is required
-Evidence of working contract or employment agreement is required
-Applicants are also asked to give proof of their financial situation
-Any other language or working skill applicants will show if required

Benefits of Work Permit for Denmark

Following Are The Benefits Work Permit Holder Can Get:

-The work permit holder can get great trust and interest from the employers than that others.
-There are a large number of working opportunities a work permit can offer you.
-The employer or company doesn’t need to wait for negative and positive adaptations for the new workers or employees.
-The work permit holder can get a long-time employment contract with the employers.
-By keeping in view the advantages of work permit the employees to work more seriously and efficiently and it is good for both employee and employers.
-Candidates with work permits get more holidays opportunities.
-Applicants with a work permit can also apply for permanent residence after passing a specific interval of time.

2. What is a Permanent Residence?

A person’s residence position in a country of which he or she is not a citizen is called permanent Residency. We have mentioned above that over the 30 years Denmark is offering foreigners permanent residency or working opportunities.

Every year based on skill, family, marriage, and other genuine purposes Denmark offers Permanent residency to foreigners. Every year, thousands of applicants apply for PR in Denmark.

By following the article you will be clear that who is eligible to apply for Permanent residency and what benefits you can avail yourself after having permanent residency:

Who Can Apply For?

Following are the basics requirements to apply for Permanent Residency in Denmark:

-Applicants must be older than 18 years of age
-To meet the requirements of their current residence permit are required to apply for PR to Denmark.
-Forgetting permanent residency in Denmark applicants must have four 04 years or eight 08 years of legal residency in Denmark.
-Applicants who have not been involved in any criminal activity during or during their stay in Denmark are eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit.
-Applicants before going to apply to make sure that they do not have any overdue public debts.
-Applicants who may not have certain forms of social benefits are eligible to apply
-Applicants who are currently involved with employments are eligible to apply
-For being eligible applicants must show continuous employment for the last 03 years and 06 months
-Applicants who will pass Danish language test 2 will be eligible to apply for

Following are the basics requirements to apply for Permanent Residency in Denmark:

-Applicants must pass Danish language test 3 for being eligible.
-Applicants must show employment for the last 04 years.
-Applicant makes sure that he/she has passed the active citizen exams before going to apply
-Applicants must give proof of an annual taxable income of DKK 286,526.16

Benefits of Permanent Residence

Following are the benefits a permanent resident of Denmark can get:

-You can sponsor your relative and friend who will meet completely the immigration requirements
-Permanent residents of Denmark can easily purchase property or houses
-Permanent residents of Denmark are eligible for many governmental insurance and schemes
-Permanent residents of Denmark can easily travel to the countries where other Danish citizens can do.
-Your children are eligible to get free upper education as other citizens get
-All the health care benefits a permanent residence permit holder can get as other citizens are provided with

3. What is Citizenship?

Citizenship is the status of living in a particular country. Denmark allows foreigners to be a part of Denmark by getting citizenship of Denmark. Following the article you will find that who can apply for citizenship and what are the benefits of getting Denmark citizenship:

Who Can Apply For?

-Applicants with the following requirements are will be eligible to apply for citizenship:
-Applicants must show allegiance or loyalty to Denmark and Danish society which is the basic requirement of getting citizenship
-Applicants must show their permanent residency in Denmark for the last few years
-09 successive years of residency in Denmark is required to apply for citizenship
-Applicants with financially independent for the last 05 years are eligible
-Danish language test 3 is required to be eligible
-Applicants must appear and pass the citizenship test which will be about Danish Culture. The fee for this test is 717 DKK
-Applicants who committed any crime during their stay in Denmark will not be eligible to apply.

Benefits of Citizenship in Denmark for Pakistani Students

Following benefits you can get after getting Denmark Citizenship:

-Denmark citizenship offers you the same lifestyle as other native people get
-Denmark citizenship allows you to work across the European Union
-Foreigners with Denmark citizenship can travel to all the Schengen areas
-The same healthcare benefits which offer to other native people you can also get
-You can easily bring your family members to Denmark on behalf of this citizenship
-With this citizenship, you can participate in all the activities in which other native people can participate. For example, you are allowed to cast your vote, etc.
-Your children can get the free upper or higher education as other native students get

Employment Opportunity

The employment rate or job opportunities are of good level in Denmark. From the last 10 years’ summary of the job or employment rate in Denmark, it has been concluded that the job rate is lower than 63.00 % and it reaches as high as 70.20%. So, it is considered one of the best members or countries of the European Union with high employment or job rate.

What is Crime Rate in Denmark?

Crime Rate: By Danish Police and other agencies the crime rate is combated in Denmark
Murder Cases: 0.8 % out of 100,000 population murder rate has recently been calculated in Denmark.
Corruption: Of the most transparent countries in the world, in case of corruption, Denmark is one.
Organized Crime: Organized crimes are close to zero here in Denmark.
So, from the above discussion, it has cleared that Denmark is a happier country in the World.

The rate of International Immigrants To Denmark

According to a survey in 2014, there are more than 8% of the total population was immigrant people. Day after day this rate is getting an extension. The reason behind it is that it offers a great lifestyle and other benefits in loving of which people move to Denmark.

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