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    China Permanent Residence: The Chinese Government is offering PR & Citizenship China to international students including Pakistani Students post-graduation which is a major attraction. For obvious reasons, the international students traveling to China for education have the ulterior purpose of gaining work experience in the job market of China’s booming economy. Chinese Government has set a target to invite 500,000 foreign students to China for education till 2021 and for that, it has initiated a simpler work permit process. We have thoroughly explained the process of different work visas and permanent residency in China for your understanding in the guide below:

    China Permanent Residence

    International students studying in China can extend their student visa 7 days before it expires. They can visit PSB (Public Security Bureau Entry and Exit Administration Office) and place an application for a visa extension there. To avail work permit they must get an employment contract while their stay in China on a student visa or they will have to return to their country and apply for a work permit from there. Since 2017, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (HRSS) have reformed the old immigration criteria and introduced a new unified work permit system for foreign students and ex-pats. Under this system, the international students can apply for Tier A, B, and C level visas based on a points system that is categorized by qualification, age, work experience, skills, and annual salary of the candidate.

    Work Visa in China

    The procedure of attaining a work visa typically involves three major steps:

    -Applying for an employment license
    -Submitting application at the Chinese Embassy for a work visa
    -Obtaining Employment permit: Previously, the applicants for the work permit had to apply for the issuance of an employment license at the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (HRSS), and for employment they had to apply at the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA). But now the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) is solely responsible for all work permit licenses and permit issuance. In fact, SAFEA has efficiently quickened the work permit process and simplified its attainment.

    Tier ‘A’, Tier ‘B’, and Tier ‘C’ Visas

    The international students can attain either of the Tier visas based on points scoring system For a Tier visa the applicant must score 85 points, for a Tier B visa the applicant must score 60-85 points and for a Tier C visa, the applicant must score points below 60. 

    Tier ‘A’ Visa Eligibility

    The applicant scores 85 points in the above-mentioned points system. Other than meeting points score the eligibility requirements for getting a Tier ‘A’ Visa are as below:

    -If the applicant is employed by one of China’s regional plans (introduction of foreign talent)
    -If they meet the eligibility requirements of global talent according to internationally recognized standards of their field of work such as:
    -If the applicant has been awarded for showing excellent performance in their field of work
    -If the applicant has assumed the leadership position at well-reputed academic institutions or international organizations
    -If the applicant had made a contribution in the field of Science and Technology as chief editor or senior editor at one of the world’s well-reputed journal
    -If the applicant had been working as an assistant professor, professor, or a management position at an internationally reputed academic institution
    -If the applicant had been working as a senior manager at Fortune 500 company
    -If the applicant had been working as a senior employee at one of the world’s reputed banks or financial institutions
    -Pulitzer awards holders
    -If the applicant had worked in a senior-level position at government organizations, NGOs, or renowned international institutions
    -If the applicant is a successful entrepreneur (earning over 10 million annually)
    -If the applicant is under 40 years of age and is doing post-doctoral research and he/she has graduated from a top-ranking university in the world.
    -If the applicant earn 6 times more than the average local salary per year

    Tier ‘B’ Visa Eligibility

    -If the applicant scores 60 to 84 points in the above-mentioned points table. Other than meeting points score the eligibility requirements for getting a Tier ‘B’ Visa is as below:

    -If the applicant has a Bachelor’s degree or above level and has two years of work experience in the field of his study major
    -If the applicant is a skilled worker in the field which is urgently required in the labor market of China
    -If the applicant can teach a foreign language (their native language)and hold a Bachelor’s level degree, has two years or above experience in the teaching field, or has any internationally recognized teaching language diploma
    -If the applicant earns four levels more than the average local salary per year

    Tier ‘C’ Visa Eligibility

    -If the applicant scores under 60 points in the above-mentioned points table. Other than meeting points score the eligibility requirements for getting a Tier ‘C’ Visa is as below:

    -If the applicant holds a work permit under the old points system but is not qualified for Tier ‘A’, and ‘B’ visa
    -If the applicant is doing short term work in China (under 90 days)
    -If the applicant is doing an internship in China
    -If the applicant qualifies for quotas introduced by the Chinese Government that encourage young talents.

    How to Apply and Visa Validity

    The candidate interested to work in China post-graduation can apply for the above-mentioned TIER visas. The maximum validity duration of TIER visas is 5 years. But it is seldom granted at once, the candidate will be initially granted one-year visa validity which he/she can extend for one more year to a maximum of 5 years.

    Method of Application for China Permanent Residence

    The method of application for applying for any TIER visa is through the online platform of China (Management Service System) controlled by SAFEA. The applicant and the employer will the application and fulfill the documents requirements. The application and documents requirements are almost cut in half and they are more simplified. The following documents will be required to apply for any type of TIER visa:

    -A filled visa application form for a work permit
    -A verified employment contract (past employment)
    -Verified academic certificates, diplomas, degrees
    -A document proving the applicant has no criminal record
    -Medical examination certificate (proving the applicant is in good health and is not suffering from any medical disease which can be regarded as a health threat to the general public of China)
    -Offer Letter Appointment Letter or Job Contract
    -A valid passport
    -Identity card
    -Information of any family member accompanying the applicant to China

    Required Documents from Employers in China

    -Registration form
    -Business license
    -Organization code certificate
    -ID information of the employer
    -Document of Industry License

    How Pakistani Students Can Get Permanent residency in China

    The permanent residency visa in China is called D type visa. It allows candidates less than 18 years of age to live for 5 years in China and an adult to live for 10 years. To get permanent residency in China you must meet the following requirements:

    -If you are a spouse of a citizen or permanent resident of China (you must be married for 5 years at least)
    -If you are a child who has come to China to live with his/her parents
    -If you are an investor who has invested a large amount of money in China’s market in the last 3 years and your business is earning a stable amount
    -If you have been living in China under a work permit for the last 4 to 5 years and are a high profile employee
    -If you are a foreigner who has made a major contribution to China through your outstanding work
    -If you are over 60 years of age and have come to China to live with your reliant
    -The applicant for a resident permit of China is restricted to living in China for at least 9 months per year
    -The visa application process for the resident permit will cost you 1,800 CNY.

    Documents Required for Pakistani Students to Apply for Resident Permit of China

    -Proof that you have no criminal record
    -Health Certificate
    -A Valid Passport or ID
    -Two Passport Size Photographs
    -Employment Contract (prove that you can support your living expenses)
    -The resident permit holders of China are allowed to change jobs and invite their family members to China to stay with them. Their family members are eligible to apply for Q-type visas in China to avail of benefits.

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