Belgium Permanent Residence

Belgium Permanent Residence: Non-EU and EU students are allowed to extend their residence permit (A card) after completing their studies. The residence card is extended for a year period for the purpose of searching job. This extension period is referred to as a ‘search year’. In this duration of the search year, the students would have to find themselves a suitable job according to their academic profile. After attaining a job and residing in Belgium for 5 years continuously the students can apply for a permanent residence permit. The following guide is a step to step procedure for attaining a permanent residence permit post-graduation from Belgium:

Belgium Permanent Residence

After completion of the degree, the procedure for traveling back home starts for students. But those who want to settle down in Belgium have a chance to extend their visa up to 12 months duration. The application for visa extension must be submitted before the student residence permit or (A card) expires. The documents required are as follows:

-350 Euros fees must be paid for visa extension (the proof of payment must be attached with the application)
-A valid national passport
-A letter of motivation (it must be written by the applicant stating the purpose of extending the visa)
-Proof of finances (the applicant needs to show proof of finances either through sponsorship or stable income in form of a Bank statement at the time of submitting an application. At least 800 Euros must be present in your account to show that you have finances to meet your needs).
-Degree from a Recognized Belgian University (At least a Bachelor’s degree attained in the past academic year)
-Proof of applications submitted for job search according to your academic profile
-Proof that you are not taking financial aid from any Belgian Governmental or Private Organization

Permanent Residence Card of Belgium

You are eligible to apply for a permanent residence card in Belgium if you have been residing in Belgium continuously without being absent for more than a year. The residence permit card allows you to enjoy the same privileges as a Belgian citizen except the right to vote. You can have the following benefits:

-Right of employment and working rights as Belgian citizens including medical insurance, paid holidays, and protection from unlawful termination of job
-Right to avail government grants, right to education, and recognition of qualification
-Benefits of welfare
-Benefits of social assistance
-Right to have union membership and freedom of association

Types of Permanent Residence Cards

Non-EU nationals can avail residence cards B, C, and D based on their employment type, qualification, and professional skills.

Electronic residence card type B

Third-country nationals who had been residing in Belgium for 5 years continuously on the basis of employment can apply for Electronic residence card type B. The B card is registered in a foreign registry. It allows you to be absent from Belgium for more than a year without your residency card being revoked. You will enjoy employment rights and move to other Schengen states without having any special visa. The holders of B cards are not entitled to social welfare benefits provided by the Belgian government.

Electronic residence card type C

Electronic residence card type C is registered at the civil registry and applicants are entitled to avail of social welfare benefits provided by the government of Belgium. Your immigration file will be included in the general Belgian population rather than among foreign nationals. C cars holders are allowed to stay 2 years absent from Belgium without having their residence card revoked and moreover while applying for Belgian citizenship C cardholders do not need much legal documentation.

Electronic residence card type D

The Electronic residence card type D is applicable for those third-country nationals who had been residing in Belgium for 5 years continuously. Their monthly income must be EUR 793 and an additional EUR 264 per dependent if anyone lives with them. You must have proper health insurance coverage and the applicant must not be a threat to the local community. The Electronic residence card type D is being registered at the civil registry. The holders of the D cards are allowed to stay out of Belgian territory for 6 continuous years without their residence card being revoked. The D card is recognized in other EU states as well. D cardholders have the status as EU long-term residents.

General Documents Required for Permanent Residence Card

-Employment contract, proof of business or investment made in Belgium
-Police clearance letter (stating that the applicant has not committed any legal offense during his stay in Belgium)
-Medical insurance coverage (It can be provided by the employer also)
-Bank statement ( you must have enough monthly income to afford your needs)
-An (A )residence card (proving that you had been staying in Belgium for the last five years on a legal basis)
-Certificate of registration
-Two recent passport size photos
-Proof of accommodation
-A completely filled applicant form (the form will be available at foreign or civil registry based on your permanent residence type (B, C, or D)
-The documents must be originals or certified copies and translated in either Dutch, French or German language
-The attested documents must be older than 6 months

Belgian Citizenship 2022

After having lived in Belgium on the resident card for 5 years you can apply for Belgian citizenship. The applicant had to prove that he can speak one of the three official languages of Belgium fluently that is French, Dutch, or German. He also needs to prove he has a sufficient source of income and an accommodation large enough for the living facility of the applicant’s family members. Similar rules are applied to those acquiring Belgian citizenship on the basis of marriage. The applicant needs to prove she/he has been living with a Belgian national spouse for the last three years and knows one of the three official languages of Belgium. The five-year residency rule applies for citizenship on the basis of marriage as well.

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