Admission Intakes in UK 2023

Admission Intakes in UK 2023: The largest population, breathtaking scenery, and a wide range of top universities are all found in the UK. Most international students in the nation choose to study in the UK. UK academic institutions have consistently occupied the top spots in global university rankings. The admission intakes for universities in the UK change throughout the year depending on the courses and admission requirements. We can assist you if you intend to study in the UK and are looking for the appropriate admission intakes. Learn everything there is to know about UK admissions, including when to apply to the best UK colleges and universities.

Intakes in UK 2023

Students who opt out of the September admissions process may still be admitted to the UK’s January intakes. According to some, the number of programs available may be greater in September in the UK than it is in January. However, as they begin, there isn’t much of a comparison between the two. January is equivalent to the number of popular courses that offer students a range of options. You can enroll in the UK’s May admissions intake, which is another intake.

The January Intakes in the UK requirements give you more time to concentrate on your applications so that you can fill in the gaps, if there are any, if you missed the September intake. If you missed the September intake, you can look forward to another January intake.

How Many Intakes are there in UK?

In the UK, there are two main admissions periods: January/February and September. Some universities in the UK also offer an April/May (summer) intake in addition to these two main intakes. These are the months that UK universities accept applications:

Intake in UK Admissions
January/February Intake June and September
September Intake February and May
April/May Intake January – February (Applications may open by October-November)

January/February Intake in UK

In terms of UK admission cycles, the intake in January and February is an additional one. Compared to the September admission cycle, fewer classes are offered at the start of January Intake, but this admission period offers an incentive for applicants who have opted out of the UK’s primary admission cycles. It gives them more time to concentrate on their assignments. The submission deadline will vary from course to course and from institution to institution, falling between June and September.

UK Universities for January/February Intake

Queen Mary University of London
Coventry University
University of Liverpool
University of Exeter
Aston University
Brunel University
Bangor University
Birmingham City University
Brunel University
Edge Hill University
Kingston University
Northumbria University
University of Chester
University of Greenwich
University of Sunderland
Anglia Ruskin University
Birkbeck University of London
City University of London
De Montfort University
Keele University
Oxford Brookes University
University of Brighton
University of Lincoln
University of South Wales
University of Essex

September Intake in UK

Intakes are highest in September and October in the UK. In the UK, it is occasionally referred to as the Fall intake of the season. In the UK, many colleges start their fall semesters with all classes. For applications due in September, the deadline falls between February and May of the academic year. However, this will always vary depending on the courses and how admissions policy varies from institution to institution in the UK. The specifics of the respective institution should be reviewed by the students.

UK Universities for September Intake

Queen Mary University of London
Coventry University
University of Liverpool
University of Exeter
Aston University
Brunel University
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
Kings College London
Birmingham City University
Bucks New University
University of Central Lancashire
University of Reading
University of Hertfordshire
University of Surrey
University of Derby
University of Westminster
University of Wolverhampton
Keele University
University of Leeds
Kingston University
London Metropolitan University
University of Bradford
Swansea University
University of Sussex
University of York
Bournemouth University
Kingston University
Cranfield University
Goldsmiths University of London
City, University of London
University of Essex
Hartpury University
Durham University

May Intake Universities in UK

Intakes in April/May are the least preferred admission period in the UK. Few universities and colleges with the fewest course options offer it. The majority of universities do not provide this intake because students would rather take a spring break. The May admissions period, also known as the Spring Intake, has a very small applicant pool. But because there is a higher chance of receiving an offer, this admission cycle has the least intense competition.

UK Universities for May Intake

Coventry University
Northumbria University
Queen Mary University of London
Keele University
Ulster University
University of Chester
Sheffield Hallam University
West of Scotland University
Salford University

MBA Intakes in UK

MBA intakes in the United Kingdom typically take place in April or May of each year. Some universities accept applications during the Fall or September intake of UK universities, and the admissions process can take up to four or five rounds. These rounds last approximately 6 to 7 months (April or May).

PhD Intakes in UK

When it comes to doing PHD in the UK, there are no such fixed intakes as all the universities stay open to accept the applications especially from the PhD Scholars throughout the year. So you can apply for the PHD intake throughout any of the three intakes or as per specific admissions dates for your chosen university.

Intakes for Masters in UK

Out of all the 3 major intakes in UK, January and September admissions mainly focus on Masters while there are some of the universities that even go for May intake and they also accept master’s applications as well. The best intake for masters in UK is either done in January or September since most of the universities are open for admissions and you can enroll for at least 5 universities.

Which UK Intake to Choose?

The January intake is open to students who are unable to attend the September admissions. Some might argue that in terms of course volume, the September intake is superior and preferable to the January intake. Of all the intakes in the UK, it is undoubtedly the most sought-after, but some universities also offer top-notch programs for the January intake. Based on the following factors, you can decide which intake to take:

  • Your desired course’s availability
  • The amount of time required to prepare your documents
  • As per your convenience 
  • Your academic records
  • Your Entrance exam scores
  • Acceptance rates of the university
  • Job opportunities available
  • Your readiness to join the university

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